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  1. FXR1340

    FXR1340 Member

    I have been using an Xperia Arc for a wee while now and cant work out how to anchor text to allow highlighting then copying.

    For example, if what is to be highlighted is off the screen it seems impossible to scroll the screen without disturbing and removing the highlight from text that has already been highlighted. A similar problem arises when responding to a post on a forum I use. If the dialogue box contains text which requires scrolling the dialogue box to get at it, the whole screen on my phone will scroll. This means access to the dialogue box is lost as it is now further up, and off, the screen. It can also mean the screen "bounces" up and down

    The answer may be to perform some type of anchoring so as the text can be anchored to allow a finger to scroll over the rest of the text to highlight without affecting previously highlighted text. A similar anchor would solve the problem regarding dialogue boxes.

    Any ideas how I can solve this problem?


  2. FXR1340

    FXR1340 Member

    Can anyone help on this?

    Maybe I'm the only one with this problem and therefor it may be an issue with my phone?

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