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And again....GPS

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  1. Kizandtango

    Kizandtango New Member

    Right this is bugging me now ! The Phone keeps telling me im in Moscow...Im not, im in the UK ! Using both WIFI AND GPS it still says it....It was fine yesterday morning, then it sent me to moscow. Then it was fine this morning, and then sent me to moscow again ! Happens on all Location aware Apps, Using both Microsoft maps and google maps to power the location awareness. It works once i take out the 2GB SD card tho...And screws up when it goes back in. It does it with both SD cards, (1GB and 2) and they are both formatted for this phone... Ahh, help !

  2. BigTimeNexusFan

    BigTimeNexusFan Well-Known Member

    It doesn't say anything like "lost treasure" or "hidden Vodka stash..." or something similar does it? Sounds like the phone wants to get home to mother Russia for some reason.

    I would go to google maps on a pc, login with your google account and see where your default map location is. Maybe it is set to Moscow so it starts there every time. That is a strange thing...... let us know how you work it out.
  3. Kizandtango

    Kizandtango New Member

    Fingers crossed it hasnt done it for a few days now. It seems to have sorted itself. Though it does sometimes still put me int he exact same spot in russia until it had found my actuall GPS location...Default area is definatly my actual home and no where near russia ! Cheers for the Reply

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