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  1. domb

    domb Active Member

    i have done the update on my tattoo and last night noticed that when just searching through the apps on Andriod market it kept saying on the free apps that there was no apps.

    Is this a problem with the phone or are they just updating the apps???

  2. Huw

    Huw Well-Known Member

    I'm seeing plenty of free apps, so I'm not sure what's causing that I'm afraid.
  3. ricksterh7

    ricksterh7 New Member

    What update last night ??
  4. domb

    domb Active Member

    i did the orange update a couple days ago. and cant seem to get the market to work properly it does bring up a few free programs but usually i can spend hours looking through and yesterday couldnt
  5. symond

    symond Well-Known Member

    try rebooting if doesnt help than reset to factory settings
  6. pevans_om

    pevans_om Active Member

    There was reports of some areas experiencing issues with the market today.
  7. flyingmachine

    flyingmachine Active Member

    If nothing else works, download any application you like directly from the web and then install it on your phone. That will work for sure.
  8. mellymoo

    mellymoo New Member

    I'm on my laptop and I'm on andriod maket but when I click download on the app I want it won't download plz help

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