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  1. noworry

    noworry Active Member

    I have upgraded my Spica to Android 2.1 (I570EXXJCF) and I have installed the application "Bluetooth File Transfer" from the Market.

    After enabling bluetooth (made it discoverable, started the services FTP and OPP through the widget), Other devices can pair/connect to my phone and access my contents and send files to me.

    But, I am unable to send anything to other devices !!!
    In the "Bluetooth File Transfer" app, on the "Remote files" tab, it shows the other devices which have paired.
    When I click on the paired device an error message pops up (after sometime of search) as shown below.

    Service not found
    You can't connect with target
    device because it lacks of the
    "File Transfer Profile" (OBEX
    FTP) and/or the "Object Push
    Profile" (OBEX OPP) Bluetooth

    Make sure that target device is
    in DISCOVERABLE mode and
    enabled to receive files!

    I am sure that those profiles are already enabled on those devices and they are working just fine with other mobiles like nokia/sony ericsson !!

    Can somebody help me to solve this and get the bluetooth file transfer working ?

    Many thanks in advance...

  2. Gurdeep.Singh.Mander

    Gurdeep.Singh.Mander Well-Known Member


    -- Skip that app which you installed, and kill from background if running.
    -- Turn bluetooth on, make your device discoverable
    -- Turn bluetooth on on another device, make that device discoverable
    -- Try to exchange files in standard way, that should work.
  3. noworry

    noworry Active Member

    Thanks a lot Gurdeep.. it worked !! I am able to send files from Gallery.

    Any idea how to send other files from sd card, like text files/mp3 ?
    I tried using ES File Explorer, but there is no option for sending through Bluetooth !!
  4. Gurdeep.Singh.Mander

    Gurdeep.Singh.Mander Well-Known Member

    I have no clear idea how it works for non-multimedia content since I never tried that before. Latest version of ES File Explorer do seem to address that issue, however.

    Latest version...

    Older Version...
  5. noworry

    noworry Active Member

    Thanks again.. will look out for the new version of ES File Explorer !!
  6. cvthejas

    cvthejas New Member

    my friends told that one cant send files from a phone with andriod os to phones with other os, is it true, if so how can it be done.... i'm planning to buy galaxy s that's wy i'm askin this..............

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