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Support android 2.2.2 - No USB connection

  1. adongarwar

    adongarwar New Member

    when i connect my phone with the usb, no "usb icon" cmes up on my phone. also, the computer fails to install the drive successfully.... please help, desperately waiting. i have a samsung galaxy pro.

  2. inbanw

    inbanw New Member

    Have u installed Samsung Kies? Usually Windows fails to recognize your phone as a drive unless you start Samsung Kies after u plug in ur phone. Get Kies here

    What's new for Software & Manual SAMSUNG

    Hope this solves your issue. Cheers!
  3. rawatarv

    rawatarv New Member

    I have tried your suggestion but it does not work. Any other suggestion?
  4. Arun Yadav

    Arun Yadav New Member

    follow the following procedure:connect the phone to the PC through usb... then go to settings-->applications-->Development-->deselect usb debugging...and enjoy...
  5. Gor2

    Gor2 New Member

    Es un equipazo...la vedad deberian comprarlo, seguro que lo vale!

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