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  1. chaves

    chaves New Member

    Hi there

    I have got ZTE racer . I have seen somewhere zte racer with 2.2 froyo installed.Please can anyone confirm if I can upgrade to android 2.2 ?
    if yes, please could you leave a link for download and how to upgrade.I've been reading on the section about zte racer and I couldn't find any link.Is it safe to upgrade? I am trying to upgrade to be able to watch tv over internet.thank you for any help.

  2. cowboy46

    cowboy46 Member

    I need a Froyo update too.
  3. jym6967

    jym6967 New Member

    hey guys i'm from malaysia , and i have a racer too , but in malaysia here , racer was came with andriod 2.2 . so i'll like to know how to root my racer .... caz universal androot can't work on it ....

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