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  1. asfn

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    android 2.2 now doesn't support full farsi.
    who know if a new version of android (like 2.2.1 or newer) for legend will come or not and if it supports full farsi language?

  2. adi19956

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  3. adi19956

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  4. PersianSphinx

    PersianSphinx New Member

    This is how to fix the Farsi, Arabic and Hebrew fonts for any Android device.

    If you know how to root your device, great; your a step ahead. If not, no problem... In 65% of cases you need the Clockwork mod recovery, AKA CMW. Amon Ra's custom recovery also works fine. By Rooting your phone, you VOID YOUR GUARANTEE. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU MANAGE TO SOMEHOW BREAK OR BRICK YOUR PHONE!!!

    1-Go to
    Check if they support your phone model. If they do, follow their
    instructions and 'flash' (or install) their version of Android, which
    I found works even better than the stock (the one you currently
    have) version of Android!!

    2-Go to
    On the upper right hand corner of the page, insert your phone model
    and after selecting it, go to the 'android development for the *phone
    model*' and then try to find a posted 'ROM' thread that is to your liking
    HEBREW, whichever one you need. You can contact the ROM developer
    if you need.

    3-If youre phone supports this, by updating to the 2.3 version of Android, AKA
    Gingerbread, you will have fixed Persian fonts. I'm not 100% sure about this
    one, but I have seen the fix on the 'Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray' and it works.

    I hope I've helped

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