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  1. Impiriumjbb

    Impiriumjbb New Member

    Hi there,

    i've bought mine a while ago and it works great! Im using it alot and a friend of mine told me to upgrade with Samsung Kies
    (that's how it's called in the netherlands).

    So i've upgraded to 2.2 now and it's working quicker.
    Then i started to look around what was new and i discovered a map on my files.
    Screencaptures was the name of the map. I vieuwed the .jpg's in the map and didn't even know i could take screenshots of my phone..

    Does anyone have a clue where i can get the new upgrades on android 2.2 and maybe help me out with a video or some screenshots?

    thanks alot for now!


  2. ayongkot

    ayongkot Well-Known Member

    long press on the back button (right) then press center button (while holding the back button). you'll hear a sound like when taking a picture on the camera. search in the internal memory the folder called screencapture. good luck
  3. beer-in-box

    beer-in-box Well-Known Member

    From where do you learn those things? :) I wouldn't even think if that is possible without any 3rd party software!

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