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  1. jamesysilber

    jamesysilber Active Member

    I have found on a slovak website how to update your phone to 2.3.5. I live in Australia and I have tried it myself and it seems alright.

    Here are the steps to update your phone:

    1: Download the firmware from this website

    2: Extract the files from the download.

    3: Put the dload folder from the download into your phone's sd card.

    4: Look under Settings-Storage. Find Software Upgrade. Click on SD card upgrade. Do not forget to backup your files before you download.

    5:Hit Confirm after backup. The update should take about 2 minutes. After this is done, your phone should be updated to 2.3.5

    Enjoy trying it!

  2. cherwally

    cherwally Member

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  3. cherwally

    cherwally Member

    Done the 2.3.5 update, smooth and quick!:)
    Everything seems fine, no extra bloatware applications added!
    I'll re-post if any problem will show on the near future!

    :mad: DO NOT INSTALL this one:
    Just read my last two posts on that thread!
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  4. klsdream

    klsdream Active Member

  5. nusz

    nusz Active Member


    after applying this update what language is in the ROM, is it still can use chinese language?
  6. mike_something

    mike_something New Member

    Awesome, all went to plan. Apart from the fact that when you do the update it allows you to do a backup, but I couldn't find any way to restore from this backup. Didn't really care though as it was all backed up elsewhere. @nusz There are some chinese looking characters at the bottom of the language list that google says mean "middle language". Hope that helps.
  7. Hi i would like to ask you few things. Does this rom support english language? Is he a stable and all function is working like 3G Wi-Fi etc without crashing and freezing? Does this 2.3.5 rom has a play store and notification bar like original 2.3.3 version?

    Do you guys think it will work on my version U8650V100R001HRVC102B832 ?

    Tnx in advance and i hope you will reply on my post soon.

    Regards :)
  8. emperor29

    emperor29 New Member

    Works great, very fast and smooth ROM...Missing notification bar but there is multyple substitute on the market like Widgetsoid. :)

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