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  1. melege

    melege New Member

    My question is about Samsung I5503 Galaxy 550.
    It comes with Android 2.1 (Eclair). I am wondering if I will be be able to upgrade it to the latest version of Android (2.3) or not (if I buy it)!

    Thanks for help.

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  2. hazzacanary

    hazzacanary Member

    I dont think it can do 2.3, but there plenty of 2.2 roms availble on the internet
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  3. evil_akuma

    evil_akuma Active Member

    I think is too early to say. Android 2.3 is quite new and has been released only on few devices. We had to wait about 6 month to get android 2.2 (most people still dont have 2.2)

    So as I said, is too early to say anything.
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  4. varun.k

    varun.k Active Member

    Can u post the links for these roms? could not find them.
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  5. Member

    Hi varun.k,

    Here are the links

    For all samsung galaxy 5, 550, i55XXX whatever it is.

    (USA 2.2 froyo rom:
    link 1:
    link - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
    ASIA 2.2 froyo rom (not eng):
    link 1:
    link 2:MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
    thanx to

    To flash onto your phone follow instructions here:
    Samsung Galaxy 5 (GT-I5500/I5503) - xda-developers
    DO NOT ROOT!!!
    you will need this,
    odin v4.28 and ops - - online file sharing and storage - download

    If anyone can find the 2.3 links, when they are released, please post here.

    Thank you
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  6. Member

    sorry there is no 2.3 links so far
    (19 jan 2011 3.25pm)
  7. devilgod

    devilgod New Member

    Android 2.3 for Galaxy 5 coming soon..mad yeam successfully ported it...its in testing progress now...yeah...
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  8. Member

    can someone post updates on the previous post? please?
  9. Genetic95

    Genetic95 Member

    The day we get 2.3 is the day life has meaning again =)
  10. Stash68

    Stash68 Well-Known Member

  11. evil_akuma

    evil_akuma Active Member

    Well we can always get some kind of unofficial update.

    But I really doubt that we will see android 2.3 on samsung galaxy 5.
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  12. Member

    So does anyone at all know where to find a 2.3 rom? I don't care if its not the real one. As long as it works! So I mean even something like a custom rom. I HATE FROYO!
  13. evil_akuma

    evil_akuma Active Member

  14. varad

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  15. varad

    varad New Member

  16. Member

    is there anything wrong with this? eg. wireless not working, calls not working etc?
  17. Member

    doesnt start
  18. Falconny

    Falconny New Member

    I brought my Galaxy i5503 to the Samsung Service Center in San Juan and they upgraded the 2.1 to the latest 2.3
  19. Ahmadinejad

    Ahmadinejad Active Member

    Really ? Are you sure you are not talking about 2.2 ?
  20. Member

    Plz post some sort of proof plz. I dnt beleive u. And how much did it cost???
  21. darryl3736428

    darryl3736428 New Member

  22. subpsyke

    subpsyke Member

  23. gunsrox123

    gunsrox123 New Member

    I have a Samsung galaxy 5 (gti5508).
    I installed the asian version but for some reason the touch screen doesn't work!
    I have reinstalled the rom but still doesn't work.
    Any help?
  24. madhu.sdhn

    madhu.sdhn New Member

    hi samsung galaxy 3 just now got froyo 2.2 how come samsung galaxy 5 gets 2.3 that too from samsung please reply to
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  25. Member

    THANK YOU!!!!
    Cayanogen 7 working and SOOO EPIC


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