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Upgrade to gingerbread 2.3 or not?

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  1. tomcolgan7

    tomcolgan7 Member

    Would it be worth upgrading to 2.3 gingerbread? i have a desire HD and i have 2.2 froyo and i find it excellent.
    Is it possible for me to upgrade when it is released and if i dont like it can i downgrade back to 2.2?

  2. saj_2001ind

    saj_2001ind Well-Known Member

    you will not be able to downgrade for sure without rooting and geeky methods

    and everyone will like to update to 2.3 latest version ... who will say no here :)
  3. tomcolgan7

    tomcolgan7 Member

    Iv looked at a few youtube videos of gingerbread 2.3 on the nexus and it doesnt really look all that great, i really like froyo 2.2. what would the benifits of upgrading to 2.3? like theres not much on the internet about it
  4. saj_2001ind

    saj_2001ind Well-Known Member

    when HTC will release 2.3 version it will come with its sense UI like now what u see on ur DHD, it will never be without htcsense
  5. ynwa

    ynwa Well-Known Member

    2.3 can only be an improvement on 2.2. It will have everything 2.2 has plus more. I dont see why anyone wouldnt want it?
  6. tomcolgan7

    tomcolgan7 Member

    Like in text messaging i love the keyboard and that and im afraid that i wont like the new GUI you could say im afraid of change, i dunno im afraid i wont like the new update and what it has to offer
  7. bonerp

    bonerp Well-Known Member

    then really you shouldn't have purchased a progressive smart phone...there will always be change and improvements. No-one knows 100% whats on 2.3 or when its coming so the point of your post is what?

    Tech improves. OS improves. Fact. Its a phone. Your life won't end when 2.3 is released so don't be afraid of it!

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  8. saj_2001ind

    saj_2001ind Well-Known Member

    funny to see anyone being so nervous with an android update lol :)

    common dude chill !!

    goto xda forums if u need more details on 2.3 etc,,no need of this polling thread here...
  9. tomcolgan7

    tomcolgan7 Member

  10. tomcolgan7

    tomcolgan7 Member

    Look i only wanted recommendations on what i should do. i dont need critisim about me buying a smartphone.
    I am just curious can i downgrade after the update if i dont like the GI
    as i seen the android 2.3 user guide and some of the icons and stuff change and it looks a bit different

    Thanks for everyones comments and suggestions
  11. saj_2001ind

    saj_2001ind Well-Known Member

    Chill Guys :)
    have fun !

    yeah one last post here, you should have started a thread for recommendation not a poll thread, its misleading and you may not get what info u need
  12. tomcolgan7

    tomcolgan7 Member

    This isnt a polling question, i attached the poll to the question because i wanted peoples votes to help me answer the question. i should of posted the question with no poll if i knew people would actually give a damn
  13. brezzo

    brezzo Well-Known Member

    2.3 will look like your current 2.2, this is because htc put their sense user interface on top of it.

    The 2.3 you see on the nexus S is basically android without anything on top of it.
  14. widehead

    widehead Well-Known Member

    Because you're looking at Android with no Sense UI.

    2.3 is better. Upgrade when it comes.

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