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    This is our conversation:
    İ know its long but check it out...

    Please wait for a Samsung Agent to respond.

    You are now chatting with 'Deborah'. There will be a brief survey at the end of our chat to share feedback on my performance today.

    Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK56405081X

    burak: Hello
    Deborah: Hi, thank you for contacting Samsung Technical Support. How may I help you today?
    burak: ı use samsungi5510
    burak: it has android 2.2
    burak: iwant to update android 2.3
    burak: can you help me
    Deborah: I understand that you need details of 2.3
    Deborah: Did you purchase phone in USA?
    burak: no, i got it from Turkey
    burak: But i could take enough assistance in turkey
    Deborah: Currently, chat support is for US products only. Though our information on non-US products is very limited, we will try our best to assist you. Please note that if we cannot help you with your query, for further assistance you may need to contact the support of the country where you purchased the product.
    burak: i couldnt take enough assistance in turkey
    burak: is there any update to 2.3
    Deborah: Unfortunately, as of now there is no official information on the release date of the Android 2.3/Gingerbread from Samsung and you will be notified by the carrier and in the Samsung website when/if the update is released. We are unable to speculate when/if a software revision might be available due to the fact that this might lead to inaccurate information and confusion.
    Deborah: Information I have provided you about 2.3 is for USA customers.
    burak: please tell me that what you know
    burak: we are aggrieved in this situation
    Deborah: I am sorry we do not have information about Non USA models.
    burak: what do you kknow about USA models??
    Deborah: Please let me provide you with all details.
    Deborah: Currently we do not have 2.3 update released for any of the USA models.
    burak: what time we can get it
    Deborah: I am sorry we do not have time frame about release of update
    burak: we trust samsung because of quality but you reject us
    Deborah: I apologize for all the inconvenience caused.
    burak: please clear your bad carrier.
    burak: every i5510 users want to update to 2.3
    Deborah: I am sorry about it.
    Deborah: Please let me know if I can be of any help
    burak: why dont u say something about this situation to your administrator
    burak: i know you are bored by me but we are bored by Samsung
    Deborah: Sure I will pass on the information to required support team.
    burak: Please tell them but i wish dont lie us
    burak: and sorry about my bad conversation
    Deborah: I am really sorry for all the inconvenience caused to you.
    Deborah: I am sorry; I couldn't help you fix the issue over the chat. However, is there anything else I might be able to assist you with?
    burak: please tell your support team now...
    burak: thank you
    Deborah: It was a pleasure assisting you. Thank you for contacting Samsung Technical Support. If you have a minute, please click on the blue

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    The software support Team is linked to the market research and analysis team .
    The data from the analyst is studied and support for phones is built after that.

    The software devs have already finished porting gingerbread to various devices .
    Like mini,fit,gio,ace

    In coming months the updates will be distributed and problems will be troubleshooted .

    After that Android 4 and support for android 4 will be released .Then some devices will be upgraded to 2.4 .

    There is absolutely no chance of official gingerbread for galaxy 551 .

    Call centre employees are modular support and they have no relation to software devs .They are trained to listen people complain and moan .
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    how can i take root out of my samsung infuse i dont want it rooted. i bought it from my neighbor and it was like this.
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    Those are firmwares from :D .They are still stock though .
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    hi i have a samsung anaroid x cover phone and it is not saving anything to my sim card, i cant download anything because it says i have run out of memory.. but when i check how much memory is spare on my memory card it says it is empty

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