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  1. kristyy007

    kristyy007 New Member

    I got my samsung Android phone, love it. About 3 months later everytime I started a voice call it would reboot after about 10 seconds into the call. I brought it to Bell, and they gave me a new one. It worked great, then about 3 months later, same thing! what is the deal?? I am getting so frusterated. Does anyone know Bells policy on this kind of thing? what they can do about it? I do not want this phone anymore at all. :mad:

  2. stickus

    stickus Member

    Threaten to cancel and demand a new handset. I'd say the HTC Legend or the Desire Z. Avoid the Galaxy S line, as they seem to have significant issues as well from what I've seen (I work @ Best Buy on the west coast and have seen *way* too many come back looking a bit rough around the edges).
  3. Lelouch

    Lelouch Well-Known Member

    Nexus is the way.

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