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  1. jjamain

    jjamain Member

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  2. Zenstrive

    Zenstrive Well-Known Member

    Gah..I just rooted the last one...
  3. jjamain

    jjamain Member

    No worry. Load using mobile odin. Root preserved.
  4. Zenstrive

    Zenstrive Well-Known Member

    Hmm...I am a bit wary about ODIN though...something about binary count?
  5. jjamain

    jjamain Member

    No problem with MOBILE ODIN.... PC ODIN yes.

    Do you have MOBILE ODIN?
  6. Zenstrive

    Zenstrive Well-Known Member

    Aaah, so there are differences between PC and MOBILE...I didn't realize that..anyway I use stock ICS, rooted with CWM, busybox, and SuperSU...will this work?
  7. McGilli

    McGilli Well-Known Member

    So does this have everything like the S MEMO premium Suite etc?
  8. jjamain

    jjamain Member

    Yes. Use Mobile Odin and check Everroot to keep your root.
  9. t sport 1978

    t sport 1978 Well-Known Member

    Still dont have this available to me, I have the International unlocked version in the UK.
  10. gordhunt

    gordhunt New Member

    Just updated mine so far works great. Im on Rogers in Canada
  11. Yarrakid

    Yarrakid Member

    A couple of questions
    1. Is this a general release meaning via Samsung itself or is via your provider as was ICS.? As yet nothing in Orange in UK.
    2. Also will this be OTA or via Kies ?.:confused:

    Thanks in advance
  12. phunsuch

    phunsuch New Member

    Added ICS and everything works fine except my Handsfree Link in my Honda doesnt recognize phone. Anyone else have this issue?
  13. Icenote

    Icenote New Member

    I downgraded back to Gingerbread because ICS was killing my battery in like 6 hours is the bug in this version fixed ?, If not what's the point in flashing it.
  14. neosld68

    neosld68 New Member

    sorry - newbie here.. how do you revert back to the previous version. this new version is weird.. and buggy..

  15. gordhunt

    gordhunt New Member

    No issues so far. Love the update and it was OTA
  16. nitiniit

    nitiniit New Member

    Has anyone received the update in India? Thanks..
  17. yegon

    yegon Well-Known Member

    For me personally, this was a terrible update. The phone no longer goes into deep sleep when it's not being used, meaning it used 3-4% battery an hour when idle. There's a tonne of people experiencing this problem on XDA forums. It all comes down to wakelocks, I fiddled endlessly to resolve it but no luck.

    The upside of this for me was that it effectively forced me to give the finger to Samsung flavoured official ics, and I've since gone back to GB, full wipe/factory reset, and now I'm rocking CM9. Uuurgh, it is so so SO good, can't believe I've not done it earlier. It's like a new phone, I'll never go back now.

    I followed this simple guide;

    How to install custom ROM - For beginners - xda-developers
  18. phredog

    phredog Well-Known Member

    Ok, I know I am going to sound sarcastic, but I have to ask. Does 4.0.4 actually fix anything?

    Android 4.0.3 allowed me to disable the worst of the problem apps. It helped a lot because my phone does not freeze anymore. Also the dreaded 'voice talk' can be disabled. Very good Google!

    Movies from Google Play still will not play. The stylus is still far too sensitive to be practical. The Phone app is clumsy at best. Every call, SPAM, solicitor, or navigation point finds its way to my contacts list. Are any of those problems fixed? As a phone this thing is more problems than it is worth.

    My GN-7000 is nothing more than the worlds’ most expensive Kindle, and personal navigator.
  19. LoftOne

    LoftOne Member

    Still no update for me in the UK. I've tried kies and OTA but no update found? Does it depend the carrier?
  20. Pinmac1

    Pinmac1 Well-Known Member

    No update for me either also in the UK.
  21. LoftOne

    LoftOne Member

    It's a joke.. I'm getting sick of having to battery pull every time I take my phone off charge to prevent l2_hsic wakelock
  22. yegon

    yegon Well-Known Member

    Just a warning, I had exactly the same problem with the official German release of 4.0.4. Other wake locks were spoiling the party too.

    Oh, and the battery pull trick didn't work on mine either, peoples experience on that seem to differ.
  23. LoftOne

    LoftOne Member

    I won't get my hopes up too high then lol! Wish I never went to ICS now..
  24. xxbazhxx

    xxbazhxx Well-Known Member

    Hi mate just curious as to which CM9 did you use? as the download link in the instructions no longer works...i did a google search for CM9 nightly, got onto the cyogen website where i downloaded the latest version for note n7000, flashed as per instructions and found it only had half the apps on for movie music way to browse my files (installed astro but it would not read anything off my external sd)...really want to use custom fw (might aswell since my note is now rooted.

    any assistance would be greatly appreciated


  25. tsam19

    tsam19 Well-Known Member

    Is this - a 'wipe version' or not?

    Where can I get a wipe version UK stock ics 4.0.3 rom from please?


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