Android 4.0.4 ICS for LG P970 Optimus Black V28A

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  1. adamek

    adamek New Member

    This is the final version of the Android 4.0.4 ICS for Optimus Black. Downloaded and converted from LG server francuzkiego:

    Jest to finalna wersja Android 4.0.4 ICS dla Optimus Black. Pobrana i przekonwertowana z francuzkiego serwera LG

    * = t

    Installation Instructions

    Instrukcja instalacji
    1. Download file and SFT.rar
    2. Unpack files with Winrar or 7zip
    3. Run B_SmartFlashTool_Extern.exe
    4. Choose:
    1) ROM copy D/L bookmark
    2) in Select mode choose Normal mode
    3) choose CP file: LGP970_V28A_00_CP.fls
    4) choose AP file:LGP970_V28A_00_AP.bin
    *) connect phone in S/W Update mode with battery in it (on the phone that is switched off, plug in USB cable WHILE HOLDING Vol+ button)
    5) choose COM port.
    6) choose LGE Mobile USB Serial Port in Communication Driver
    7) click Start and wait till end.
    It takes about 3 mins to flash.

    I tried Rom, Multi version, it works flawlessly

    Good Luck!

    Rom sprawdzony przeze mnie, wersja Multi, działa bez zarzut

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  2. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary Moderator

    Welcome to the AndroidForums, Adam!

    I've taken the liberty of adding English translations (thanks for Google Translate) to portions of your post (we're an English language site, after all :)).

    Cheers and thanks for signing-up with us :).
  3. KidNeStonez

    KidNeStonez New Member

    There's a password on the SFT.rar file....
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  4. jillrye

    jillrye New Member

    where ican download that file?
  5. bansalarun84

    bansalarun84 New Member

    SFT rar passward plZZZZ friend thanks in add.........??
  6. asgharali130

    asgharali130 New Member

    tell me the password of sft
  7. jlNiap

    jlNiap New Member

    pwd: radkor@XDA
  8. Nicholaschw

    Nicholaschw Active Member Developer

  9. Jake72

    Jake72 Member

    How safe is this sort of thing?
  10. Nicholaschw

    Nicholaschw Active Member Developer

    10000%. Everyone uses it.
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  11. Jake72

    Jake72 Member

    I'm sure they do and it should be but the LG support tool nonsense and bad OTA update has shaken my faith in updates and messing with firmware! I know it can be easy as my galaxy tab has upgraded several times with no issues. But when I was looking at my phone having failed an update part way through I was thinking 'Is my phone just broken now?' and I hated that feeling.

    Maybe I will wait until I can get a new phone for free on my contract before risking this one again.
  12. Nicholaschw

    Nicholaschw Active Member Developer

    Lol. Sure. Its so easy to utilise this thing.
  13. neonflash

    neonflash Well-Known Member

    password worked for the sft but its just an empty file (at least for me)
    and the link a few posts above take me to a invalid page.

    i dl'd both folders like i said the first is empty the second only gave me "LGP970_V28A_00_CP.fls"
    not the AP file.
    when i open it in winrar it says something about unsafe header zip.
  14. Manny Avatar

    Manny Avatar Member

    I have heard friends talk about losing their 3G connection after re-install. Do I need to save any settings first? API or APN or something?

    Also what other things would I need to back up?

    Any help very gratefully received.
  15. Ali shafique

    Ali shafique New Member

    after installing this rom , it gives "error while searching network"
    no network
    please help
  16. Ali shafique

    Ali shafique New Member

    after installing this rom , it gives "error while searching network"
    no network
    please help
  17. Manny Avatar

    Manny Avatar Member

    Updated to ICS but lost some functionality. Buttons below screen do not work... back to 2.3.4 until then!
  18. Manny Avatar

    Manny Avatar Member

    Worked it out... it was because my phone is Taiwanese and can't use the same ROM apparently. Downloading another couple from HK and China to see if I can get one to work, they didn't do automatic roll out (OTA) over here... if anyone is having similar issues please let me know. Problem shared is a problem halved, yo!

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