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Android 4.0 TV Box advice.

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  1. Draugr

    Draugr Member


    Does anyone here have this particular item?


    If so, what do you think about it?

    1. Does Ice Cream Sandwich work well?
    2. Can you access the Android Market and will the system allow you to see most apps?
    3. How is the video output quality? Is it true 1080p and not some lesser quality signal? I read somewhere that a few if not more of these TV boxes claim 1080p, but don't actually deliver.
    4. How is the USB support for keyboards, mice, gamepads, and external drives?
    5. How is the wireless 2.4GHz capability for keyboards and mice?
    6. How is the Wireless n signal? Does it work well with little issue conencting and maintaining n quality speed and connectivity?
    7. How easy is it to instal apk and perform OS/firmware upgrades?
    8. I see many of these on eBay, but they have Android 2.3. Only a few claim 4.0. Is there any difference in the hardware, or is it simply the same unit except the seller went ahead and installed 4.0 via an update file, etc...?
    9. Does anyone know what make/model this is and id there a reliable company website for this item?
    10. Finally, how is the Armo 9 1GHz processor? Is it a multi-core unit and if not can the single core run movies and most games out on the market?

    well, I guess thats all for now. Thanks in advance for any info.


  2. hansmaiser

    hansmaiser Active Member


    This is the model ATV-108. I have bought the version with android 2.3 (ATV-101). I have contacted the manufacturer asking for the firmware with 4.0., but they said me that android 4.0 is not "stable", so I would not prefer to buy the 4.0 version. They said that the hardware is almost the same, but he did not mention the exact difference.

    The box plays 1080p, has an installed market (but some apps are missing, e.g. facebook), the box is rooted.
    USB support is ok, keyboard as well, the wifi speed and signal is ok.
    Installing apks is easy. I havent tried to upgrade the complete system yet.
    The processor is a Arm 9 with 900mhz, not 1 ghz, but most games are running fluent, it has a mali 400 gpu.

    The manufacturer's website is:

    The website with more product information and prices is the following:

    replaxe [dot] with .

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  3. stane1983

    stane1983 Well-Known Member Developer

    ATV-108 runs ICS, however it's still in develompent phase. When final, it will rock. Currently there are few display issues with HDMI and video playback. Processor is single core, all runs smooth, Market is preinstalled. Most questions are already answered by hansmaiser.

    I can only add that video output on HDMI 1080p is awsome in general (Cortex A9 processor, better video than previous models - eg. ATV-101). Built in media player is designed for chipset that is in the box, so it works perfectly.

    There is build in support for almost all HID devices, webcams (not sure which manufacturers and models), ATV-108 have built-in microphone (very good reception), mass storage device support of all kind (memory sticks, external HDDs...).
    Current firmware doesn't support mounting network shares, but will.
    Network is operating normal, no problems with cable (LAN port) or WiFi. WiFi have good reception withouth disconnects...

    Firmware upgrade is done from android itself, but firmware packages must be on SD CARD, not memory stick.

    As I said, Android ICS fw is still under development, but will rock. Next fw release will be this week, will post another short review if anyone interested.
  4. nosferat

    nosferat New Member

    where I can download android 4.0 for this tv box?
  5. hansmaiser

    hansmaiser Active Member

  6. wax7

    wax7 New Member

    there did you get the update from?
    i asked the "manufacturer" and they dont understand me or they dont wont too... :(

    maybe i can thweak this. are there any tools like from the rk2918 chipsets? flashtools for otg cable?

  7. hansmaiser

    hansmaiser Active Member

    I got it from the manufacturer, but without any guarantee that it will work with atv-101
  8. stane1983

    stane1983 Well-Known Member Developer

    But if something goes wrong, you can go back to old fw... Also, if bootloader gets corrupted somehow (had that situation), it's easy to recover it via sdcard. It actually can load bootloader from sdcard with few modifications made under linux :)

    Guide on openlinux.amlogic.com, but use original files for your ATV.
  9. ravi_buz

    ravi_buz Member

  10. wlodeka

    wlodeka Well-Known Member

    I have uploaded, works very well. Market work, other software, too.
  11. wlodeka

    wlodeka Well-Known Member

  12. ui131496029

    ui131496029 New Member

    with that tvbox while playing mkv movies there is "whiz whizz" voice behind,i tried different voice codeced (ac3,dts) mkv movies but not able to get a clean voice.i dont have same problem while playing mp4 or wmv files.
    does it hardware or software problem?
  13. wlodeka

    wlodeka Well-Known Member

    I have no problems with sound.
  14. ui131496029

    ui131496029 New Member

    On the one i have there is 4.03 İCS,i have no problem with aac and mp3 codec files,but with dts and ac3 it really sucks.also i checked ebay page they did not mention on spesifiations tv box support ac3 and dts.

    Also my box is not rooted.
  15. yuprules

    yuprules New Member

    You tube doesn't work AT ALL, this guy is not happy. Search you tube for the video: "No Yuotube, No Flash - Google Android 4.0 WiFi"
  16. Thomasqqq

    Thomasqqq New Member

    Did you have the new firmware???
  17. wlodeka

    wlodeka Well-Known Member

    I am the model I have uploaded the Android 2.3 firmware 4.0
    works as correctly (certainly a lot faster than 2.3)
    someone else has done this upgrade?
    you have any comments?
  18. Thomasqqq

    Thomasqqq New Member

    I did the update yesterday but i have some soundprobl. when i playback a movie.. Either it is lagging (MX player) Or i have a noice every sec that dissapire and then come again. (Moboplayer).. I tried alot of diff. players but all the same..

    Iam playing movies by using the DLNA function and SAMBA..
  19. cabraspower

    cabraspower New Member

    I updated with this rom.
    Everything works ok execpt flash player, installs but doesnt works.
    Someone can help me??

  20. ui131496029

    ui131496029 New Member

    i had same problem than i sent back player to ebay seller.
  21. Gartoli

    Gartoli New Member

    Hi everybody! I am new here. I am Brazilian, so sorry about my English. I am learning yet, or translating with google :)
    I read all posts. I am interested about this item on ebay too, and I have the same questions about it. Flash player works ok? Videos on web browser and youtube works?
    The seller can't answer correctly. I asket about the model atv101 or 108 and he din't respond.
    My principal doubt is if I bought with version 2.3 or 4. I thought that, for now, the best way is buy the 2.3 (atv-108) and after upgrade to 4.03, when the last version able to run flash videos right.
    The problem is how to know the model of motherboard (atv101 or 108), because 108 it's better because can run android 4 apparently ok, and 101 don't.
    For while, that is all folks :)
  22. hansmaiser

    hansmaiser Active Member

    gartoli, I think the boxes with 4.0 are 108 and the boxes with 2.3 firmware are 101.

    But I have an other question, how can I turn on the box via remote controller? Is there a possibility? I have bought a mini keyboard (ipazzport air mouse), but I havent figured it out how turn the box on with the remote... Anybody an idea?
  23. hansmaiser

    hansmaiser Active Member

    I have installed the 4.0 firmware, but it has no root and I cant install flash, how can I switch back to the old firmware?
  24. hansmaiser

    hansmaiser Active Member

  25. blrdude39

    blrdude39 Member

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