Android 4.1.2 XWLS8 will wipe data or not? Help..Support

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  1. insaf_mohd

    insaf_mohd Active Member

    Hello All,

    I am running my SGS2 GTi9100 on leaked Jellybean firmware 4.1.2 XXLS6 for months now, it's good and I customized a lot inside.

    Now, the official one is out Android 4.1.2 XWLS8 as of Jan 23/2013 and I wanna go for it.... ( One click file hosting: )

    Will flashing the Android 4.1.2 XWLS8 WIPE data or not? I am a bit confused and need some advises (I'll take necessary backups but my S2 not rooted yet)


  2. vosg

    vosg Well-Known Member

    No, your data is safe. I was running the leaked ROM too, and I just flashed the official one with Odin, and everything was still there.
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  3. insaf_mohd

    insaf_mohd Active Member

    That clears the fog, thanks buddy!
  4. vosg

    vosg Well-Known Member

    You're welcome :)
  5. JR866Gooner

    JR866Gooner Well-Known Member

    How about going from 4.0.4 un-rooted? i would like to upgrade officially when the time comes so essentially would i update to ls8 now to enjoy early and then when it arrives on kies flash back to 4.0.4 and then update properly our would that be considered stupid?
  6. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    Everything's in the sticky by Ironass right at the top. :)

    For me, if you flash a non-official ROM and it works, you probably don't need an official one. At this stage what with the official one coming along, you probably can wait awhile... Its really up to you and I don't think its silly either way.
  7. JR866Gooner

    JR866Gooner Well-Known Member

    Well i installed it..loved it infortunatly started to suffer with battery draining severely and gettng hot among a couple of other glitches. Now back to normal on 404 (boring!)

    LS8 is a Bloody good rom tho and am VERY excited and looking forward to samsung official uk release. At least they have time to iron out the creases before rolling out through kies!
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  8. insaf_mohd

    insaf_mohd Active Member

    I am crying of huge battery drain friends, XWLS8 terribly drains battery while operating and BEIELVE ME the leaked XXLS6 one notably sustaining!!! And the official ICS ones either earlier......

    What's the best thing to do? Going back to XXLS6 will wipe data and a good idea yet??

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