Android 4.1 carrier displayed as @@@@@@@@@@@@

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  1. thetar

    thetar New Member

    Just updated my Samsung Galaxy S3 (updated auto download) and now my carrier appears as @@@@@@@@@@@@@.

    It works fine and I can make / receive calls and texts - but it's annoying. It used to say 'EE' which is the correct carrier. Even if I manually select 'EE' I get EE|@@@@@@@@@@@@@

    Any ideas or advice please? Phone was originally from Vodafone but did not come locked (confirmed with the lock status code check).

  2. chasekh

    chasekh New Member

    Mine is 4.0.4.I tried to update.It says no update available !I am also with vodafone.
  3. thetar

    thetar New Member

    I stuck an Orange micro sim in and worked fine...came unlocked (through work - cheeky).

    But it is annoying :/

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