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  1. Banished Angel

    Banished Angel Well-Known Member

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  2. JunBringer

    JunBringer Well-Known Member

    I tried to update mine this morning and it said it was up to date. Does it do these small updates automatically somehow?
  3. strausd

    strausd Well-Known Member

    Will this help my battery not drain so quickly?
  4. Bob Loblaw1

    Bob Loblaw1 Well-Known Member

    I had to be on wi-fi to get mine. And it did change to 4.2.1
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  5. Banished Angel

    Banished Angel Well-Known Member

    Thank you for clarifying. I'm supposed to be getting my device tomorrow and can't wait to see 4.2.1 under the version number xD
  6. JunBringer

    JunBringer Well-Known Member

    I was on wifi when I checked, but I'll check again tonight when I get home.
  7. cvu524

    cvu524 Active Member

    Instead of waiting for it to be pushed, go to Settings, then Apps, then All. Next scroll down to Google Services Framework and clear cache and force stop. Then go back to Settings, About Phone and check System Updates. I had to do this 5 times for it to push, so keep in mind you might have to keep repeating the process. Did both my nexus 4 and nexus 7 a few hrs ago and both updated to 4.2.1. I updated mine over cellular network.
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  8. MKeditor

    MKeditor Well-Known Member

    Mine just updated to 4.2.1 but I don't notice any difference.
  9. cvu524

    cvu524 Active Member

    4.2.1 was an update to fix the December calendar set up under People that's it other than a little update for gaming.... that's why the update is only 1.1 MB. Otherwise its still same old 4.2 Jellybean.
  10. jeremy_inc

    jeremy_inc Well-Known Member

    Had to clear data and force stop like cvu524 said, but it would only download once I connected to wifi even though it's only 1.1mb.

    Real annoyed it doesn't fix the issue with Email and Gmail apps vibrating every time I get a message even though they're set to not vibrate.. Assume its at least another 2 week wait for a bug update argggghhh
  11. desarenezitic

    desarenezitic Well-Known Member

    I would assume with it being so small it doesn't interfere with root or is that foolish?
  12. steslatt

    steslatt Well-Known Member

    It removed root for me.
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  13. hstroph

    hstroph Well-Known Member

    I thinked it's been christened "The JB Mayan Revision".
  14. chrlswltrs

    chrlswltrs Well-Known Member

    Do you use SuperSU, and did you have survival mode on?

    I'm still waiting on my update, but if it removes root I know I will need to wait to update until I am at home and can reroot.
  15. mastewman

    mastewman New Member

    When I attempt to install the v4.2.1 update it is failing because I have modified my build prop file. Can someone please post their stock/generic v4.2 build prop file?

    Thanks for your help...:)
  16. steslatt

    steslatt Well-Known Member

    Yes I use SuperSU but not the pro version so no survival mode was not on. It did not remove the app, I only noticed I had lost root when I tried to use rom manager to flash something.
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  17. chrlswltrs

    chrlswltrs Well-Known Member

    I keep checking for mine, and nothing :(
  18. Tinmania

    Tinmania Member

    Me either. Kinda not liking this slow roll-out thing, coming from an iPhone.

    By the way I installed Voodoo OTA RootKeeper. I read at least one comment from an N4 owner who said it preserved their root.

  19. desarenezitic

    desarenezitic Well-Known Member

    Mine came today, used OTA root keeper and it worked a treat, just restored root after the update.
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  20. chrlswltrs

    chrlswltrs Well-Known Member

    Ok, I installed it on mine. Still waiting for my OTA though.
  21. Banished Angel

    Banished Angel Well-Known Member

    I got my Nexus today and within 2 minutes of powering it on and connecting to wifi I got a notification to update. Got 4.2.1 installed, unlocked the bootloader, installed CWM, and rooted (in that order) within 20 minutes of holding the device. I feel accomplished for the day.
  22. JunBringer

    JunBringer Well-Known Member

    My phone prompted me to update tonight when I got home from work, once I got on wifi. All updated now!
  23. chrlswltrs

    chrlswltrs Well-Known Member

    Man, I'm still waiting :mad:

    I had my phone activated on the 14th, as soon as the Tmobile store opened. Even the people that ordered their phone a day earlier from Google Play didn't have their phones yet. And, the first day the update was released my wife got it. Our phones were activated at the same time :(. She didn't even care about getting an update, she only has the phone because I told her that is what she wanted, she isn't into technology at all.

    If I don't have the update by Saturday morning I'm going to go looking for an file...
  24. Banished Angel

    Banished Angel Well-Known Member

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  25. chrlswltrs

    chrlswltrs Well-Known Member

    I got the OTA today, didn't update. There was an error.

    Tried to manually flash the update using CWM... Didn't work

    I rooted using the first available method on the 14th, I think that during the process I flashed a boot.img that is causing an error. I think I'm going to have to flash back to stock, update, and root again. Probably going to be later this week before I get the time to do all that. :(

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