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Android 4.2 - Sound for video and apps permanently on mute

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  1. Kttsm

    Kttsm New Member

    I've just upgraded my phone to a nexus 4 from a Samsung ace, and so with it got the brand new jeally bean 4.2. In the sounds menu there's 3 separate sound settings; alarms, ringtone and then music/video/games. The music/video/games option is set to mute and I can't work out how to turn it back on. Touching the mute icon doesn't work, dragging the sound slider doesn't work.

    The rest of the sounds all work fine.


  2. Kttsm

    Kttsm New Member

    Fixed it by rebooting several times and changing my ring tone. Seems to be a software glitch after extensive research - how annoying!

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