Android a sinking ship?

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    Just your standard Apple fanboy nonsense. No need to get irritated, just laugh at their simple-mindedness.
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    ^^that^^ and just to show you how ridiculous that is, the comments have been closed. Android far from dying.

    Move on and laugh
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    You're reading an article from an Apple fan website. lol Just even check the name. It was formerly called "iProng". Anything with "i___" is essentially Apple-oriented.
  5. I was going to post about how he could have actually made a convincing argument with some good statistics and yada yada...but the article made my brain hurt.

    I usually don't like to fall in the whole reds vs. blues mentality of Moblile OSs, and use whatever I like, but that fool is stupid.
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    I lolled at "Comments are Closed" ^_^
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    Beatweek Magazine seems like an organ of Apple's public relations department. Why would a negative, comparative article about Android to iPhone have any merit outside of the iPhone community?

    Here is a definitive quote from their senior editor:

    "Beatweek is the publication for music, podcasting, iPhone, iPod, iPod, and social media lovers."
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    My IP address was blocked from that site months ago because i used to just pick apart his "articles". Seriously, some of his rants are on-par with Jobs' in terms of craziness.

    I do have one worry though - android's success can be attributed mainly due to its adoption in the US, primarily lead by Verizon. Internationally, android is definately not being championed enough - I really wish there was a stronger EU push.
    The US are currently getting the best phones first (sometimes only), and have the most advertisement. Here in Ireland, the iPhone is seriously prevailent and android is extremely niche. And because there is zero advertisement, most new phone buyers automatically assume they're gonna get the iPhone "because it has lots of cool apps and is touch screen".
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    I really don't think it is. If anything, Android is on a massive rise at the moment, look how many phones are coming out with Android, compared to the iOS.

    Apple may soon realise they should release the iOS on other phones rather then just iPhone's.
  10. powerkiter

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    Dont worry, I live in the UK and trust me. I had never heard of Android till 2 months ago and now I have more friends with Android based phones than iphones now. Think I have done my part with it. I got at least 4 people to go Android and after having a play with my X10 almost every iphone user I know now wants to change!

    In fact I was in the pub the other day and somebody pulled out their iphone to start pimping it, but before he got past the multi touch I pulled out my X10 and shot him down with everything he had apart from the market and with that 5-6 people at the bar had over heard and they all pulled out various Android based phones :eek:

    Never seen an iphan sulk so much :D
  11. LoyalServant

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    Tip: Page views.
    Most of these articles are meant to troll.
    They get found, posted elsewhere to generate free ad revenue for these people.

    Virtually all of your blog sites and news aggregators are looking for nothing more than to make money at the expense of credibility.
    It's paid trolling, nothing more.

    In the eyes of an iFan it's credible because it feeds into that 'need' that they have.
  12. lunatic59

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    It's Bush-Cheney Syndrome.

    Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes true (ish).

    Some unsubstantiated and suspect "poll" comes up with a statistic that only 20% of Android Phone users say they would buy Android again and it is picked by Apple's marketing juggernaut up as 80% Android dissatisfaction. Most likely the question was posed to iPhone and Android phone users as "would you buy this phone again?" Since Apple only offers one current model and All their phones are called the same, if the user wants to stay with Apple, they must answer "yes". Android on the other hand is implemented across hundreds of devices with a wide variety of specifications. When (regular) people get a new phone, they rarely replace it with the same model so Android users would have to answer "no".

    Apple is adept at deflecting issues so it puts out this garbage and hopes the subsequent noise drowns out the negativity it has been facing lately.
  13. lunatic59

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    hehehehehehehhmmmmmheheheh he said "organ" heheheh.
  14. cds0699

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    I lol'd

    They can say what they want on the wonderful internets, better product will win in the end and all I took away from that article was "blah blah blah".
  15. Demache

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    I can see that. The iPhone is the niche where I live, where everyone is predominantly Verizon customers. If I could find the people who do have iPhones in my town (of about 200,000), I could probably count them with my fingers. If we had a carrier that had the iPhone, I could see it seriously taking off. But Android is the closest thing to an iPhone (and my opinion is that Android is better, but that's an opinion). AT&T may never come to our state however, and T-Mobile just became available.
  16. lekky

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    In all seriousness though, thats one of the funniest things i've ever read. I did not see a single factual statement in the whole article. We shouldn't even be wasting time discussing it imo.
  17. jamor

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    I just threw up my lunch.

    And now I have homicidal tendencies I never knew existed. ;)

    No author, no comments? Hit and Run coward!

    In reality, this article proves how jealous iPhone owners are and the length they will go to to try and make themselves feel better and repair their fragile tainted egos ever since the Android revolution blew up.
  18. B_Cersche

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    lol wow..and the applecamp slights android again in the hopes of....what exactly? they complain when there are articles still discussing "antennagate" (which is like having a shiny new HDTV that shuts off as soon as you sit in front of it) but heaven forbid they enable comments on an article that has no factual information.

    I don't see android going anywhere but up in the near and distant future.

    give them multi-tasking and MMS and all of a sudden android is a "sinking ship"
  19. OfTheDamned

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    I always lol at articles like that. The fact that Apple and their fan base NEED to trash Android now and claim that it is a "sinking ship" just shows how far Android has come. Remember when everyone called each new touchscreen phone "the iPhone Killer"? I wonder if they referred to the iPhone4 as the Android killer in house.
  20. lunatic59

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    Um, I think the iPhone 4 WAS the iPhone killer ;)
  21. byteware

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    The actual statistic isn't that 20% would buy another android phone.

    The statistic is that 20% of all smartphone users want to try android.

    look for the correction at the bottom.

    Most iPhone users love AT&T - Jul. 23, 2010
  22. spottyelephant

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    That's awesome news. So far I've got 3 people onto android phones, but it is incredibly to get people to make the switch when they won't even be able to get access to paid apps! And let's be honest, these "normies" won't be able to root!
  23. Aerimus

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    Here's the original data that was being misconstrued.

    Yankee Group Blog Blog Archive Setting the record straight on iPhone and Android

    Key info:

    The number is that 32% of "with Google" branded phone owners plan to purchase another android phone. Which frankly...still stinks.

    Look, I feel that I have a healthy perspective of this debate. I've used both, and I enjoy both for what they are. the iPhone is not for me...but truthfully, I wouldn't get my wife an Android phone over an iPhone.

    I believe the issue is this:

    With the iPhone, everything is forced down a road where the signs all look the same. When I'm on the interstate in New York state, I know exactly what an exit sign looks like. I know exactly what every sign will look like and it makes my life very easy. Now, it's not always as exciting as taking a back road that you can actually ENJOY driving, but that's not always what people want.

    I hate, the word Fanboy, and here is why. Fanboy is sometimes used realistically. But it also is often thrown out there as an arguing tool when someone doesn't like where a conversation is going. There are just as many Android Fanboys as there are Apple Fanboys. If you are not an Apple user(I am currently not an apple user) then you have to understand why people blindly buy Apple products. When someone buys an apple product they are looking for consistency and that is what apple provides. They consistently provide high end products that work the way they are supposed to(antennagate aside), and have interfaces that my grandma can pick up and run with because they all operate similarly between programs. Not everyone wants the ability to mess with, and tweek their ui. Some people just want a consistent experience that no matter what app they go into, they're going to know exactly how to navigate that app because they all behave the same. We call that too constricting, but to my father and wife, that's EXACTLY what they want.

    So, instead of hollering "FANBOY", shouldn't we be trying to change the numbers and figure out what can improve the experience for these people that are not happy?

    I will again point back to the fact that the % comes from "with google" phones only. IIRC that means that Sense UI folks are not in that number. I happen to know a LOT of Sense UI people that love their phones and would absolutely get another. I think that Android is coming along, but many of the early "with google" phones had a much poorer experience than what is currently coming out with 2.1 and 2.2. I would guess that with these other phones factored in, the current percentage would be closer to 50%.

    The reality is that I'm not sure how much better Google can do than that. I don't see them, and don't want them to FORCE simplicity on us by having heavy handed rules like Apple does with the iPhone. However, to deny that these rules are part, if not most, of the reason the iPhone has such strong loyalty, is to not understand why an apple "fanboy" does what they do. It's NOT blindly following Apple as much as it's trusting Apple to produce an experience, that they know from past purchases, will make them happy. Isn't that what our purchases should do?

    Apple is not for everyone, but I certainly understand why they have a lot of loyal (ie Fanboy as you say) customers. I have yet to purchase a bad product from them, and I include the iphone 4 in that. I never had an antenna problem and if I could have that phone, with Android on it, I probably would. That said, the walled garden is not for me.

    As an aside to this. I love my captivate, but if I wasn't into rooting and tweaking, there is no way I would chooose Touchwiz 3.0 over iOS4. It's not even a comparison really. I LOVE my Captivate as I have it...rooted with a different launcher on it. However, you have to understand that most people out there don't care about rooting, or changing their interfaces. So that person says, "boy, I like this iphone software a lot more than that samsung software." This doesn't even get into the whole confusion with Android that Verizon has caused with the Droid campaign. Most people think Droid IS Android and you only get it on Verizon. Google could really stand to do some heavy marketing campaigns after Gingerbread is released to help people understand Android better than they currently do.
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  25. byteware

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    This only applies to the Nexus One.

    They collect their data by brand, so they have no information on "Android Users" in general because all other brands makes phones with different OS's. HTC doesn't only make android phones, so the number of HTC phone users who will purchase Android phones doesn't equate to Android users wanting Android phones.

    Edited to add: Apparently, this also applies to the G1

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