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  1. yankeeharp

    yankeeharp Member

    I want to be able to read my android t-mobile prism as a computer storage device on my PC laptop via USB cable. Can anyone point me to a suitable driver or android adapter? Thanks.

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  2. Crashdamage

    Crashdamage Well-Known Member

    Connect them via USB with a cable and the phone should be readable as an ordinary mass storage device, just like a USB thumbdrive or external hard drive. And as with those, usually no special driver is needed, but that depends on your PC.

    Your phone's manual has instructions.
  3. yankeeharp

    yankeeharp Member

    Thanks, but I tried that (several times) and when I plug it in it says USB connected and that I should click on [Turn on USB storage] if I want to copy files from my android's SD card. I tried searching for the device through my computer but it doesn't exist. When I click on [Turn on USB storage], it brings up a directory called LOST.DIR with nothing in it.

    Perhaps I should mention that I bought the Android in the US, where it was my heart's delight, and am now trying to see what I can do with it on my laptop here in the UK where, alas, I do not have the manual. Would that have anything to do with it? When I touched down in England it reported an invalid SIM, but I'm not using the SIM, I just want to get some pictures out of the phone's photo gallery.

    My daughter tells me I can put the phone's SD card in a card reader. I have a card reader for my digital camera. Is it the same as an ephone's SD card reader? I don't see any slot for a card or disk and the guy at the tmobile kiosk did all the installations for me. Is it somewhere under the battery?

    Thanks again.

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  4. Crashdamage

    Crashdamage Well-Known Member

    Sounds like there may be nothing but LOST_DIR on the SD card (actually MicroSD card to be exact). Your photos may be saved to the phone's internal memory rather than the removable card.

    Anyway, a simple Google search or T-Mobile's website should find an online copy of the manual which will give instructions for connecting via USB so you can make sure you're doing it correctly, and how to remove the MicroSD card if you want to use a card reader. Most card readers these days have a MicroSD slot.

    The SIM card is irrelevant.
  5. Wyattspoppa

    Wyattspoppa Member

    Did you resolve this?
  6. yankeeharp

    yankeeharp Member

    I bought another smartphone (British), and in the process had to buy a micro SD card, so I bought a card with a holder/adapter. I used that to read the SD card from the Tmobile Prism. All the photos, videos are there in various folders named camera, download, DCIM, Android etc. and I am able to view and save them as ordinary, editable graphics.

    I would advise anyone finding this thread that the way to read a phone if it doesn't automatically show up via the USB cord is to invest the few bucks in an SD microchip adapter and then hunt through the innards of your phone for a tiny piece of plastic that looks like it would fit in the adapter. This then will go into a card reader, a device that sometimes comes with digital cameras (that's why I had mine). I understand you can also buy a reader just for the microchip.

    And, since we're on the subject, I have another question: On my micro adapter there is a little up and down slidey thing that says "lock". Can anyone tell me what it locks and in what position is it locked and which is unlocked, up or down?
  7. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Its write unlock. If its locked you can't save anything on it.
  8. yankeeharp

    yankeeharp Member


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