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Android Address Book

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  1. dakev

    dakev Well-Known Member

    Could someone please explain to me how to use the address book?

    I'm so irritated with how user unfriendly the address book... and every contact I've ever contacted is, that I'm nearly ready to jump ship.

    Usually I go to the dialer, and just type in a name.

    For instance, when people ask me my work cell number, I have to look it up. Normally, I'll go to the dialer, type in the first three letters of my name, then select the icon on the right to go to my entry. Easy.

    But when I'm on a call, and someone asks for my number, I go to "people" (or what seems to be the address book) and I type the first three letters of my name and every entry for James Kever shows up as James Kever.

    So my work number, my email address, my home number... every entry for me shows up... but ONLY shows up as James Kever.

    I have no idea which of the four entries is my work number.

    It's the same when I search for other people... I have 6 entries for my brother... all of them say Chris Kever.


    What am I doing wrong?

    Isn't there an address book that will only show one name, that I can select to see all the numbers (or other information like email address) under that name?

  2. Xyro

    Xyro 4 8 15 16 23 42 Moderator

    It sounds like you're storing each peice of information as a seperate contact. Once you get it set up right you can have one contact with all their relevant info attached, like you said.

    What type of contacts do you have on your phone? I know if they're google contacts then you can marge duplicate contacts via the web: Just go to Gmail > Contacts > Find Duplicates.
  3. daveybaby

    daveybaby Well-Known Member

    Um... there is. That's exactly how it works on my phone.

    You need to merge the multiple contacts for each person into one contact, and there doesnt seem to be a particularly painless way to do that automatically, so you'll have to manually cut & paste phone numbers one at a time i'm afraid. (To copy a number from one contact into another, edit the first contact, long press on the number, select copy all, exit and open 2nd contact, add new number, long press on the new empty number, select paste).

    To add an additional number/email/whatever to a contact, use the 'Add' item at the bottom of the edit contact screen.

    Yes, its long, tedious and painful. But you only have to do it once.

    Oh, and if youre storing all of your contacts on your SIM then this wont work - you can only have one number per contact on a SIM. Create a phone or google contact and you can store as much info as you want per contact.
  4. dakev

    dakev Well-Known Member

    Why, when I use the "people" app, and type my last name, 4 entries show up with just my name and nothing else?

    Why, when I use the dialer, and type my last name, one entry shows up, which will allow me to click (what looks like) a contact card icon on the right, that will bring up my entry, with all the different numbers and email addresses under one screen?

    I just looked at my contact, and I only have one entry for myself. Mind you, I have several numbers and email addresses under that entry, but in the people app, when I search, I get a name for every number and email address.

    I appreciate the responses, but you guys are not understanding my problem.

    Is anyone able to duplicate my problem?

    Go into people, search for a name, and the only thing that comes up for me, is an icon of a silhouette of a head, followed by a name.

    In the dialer, first I see the silhouette, then the name, then a contact card icon.

    That contact card icon WILL bring the contact, complete will ALL the numbers and email addresses.
  5. mich0020

    mich0020 Well-Known Member

    Try Quickdroid...waaaay easier search function IMO.
  6. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Yup, exactly what happens here. Then tap the entry.... all will be revealed. :)
  7. dakev

    dakev Well-Known Member

    Now go into dialer (by pressing the phone button) and type the same name.

    An entry comes up with a picture or head icon on the left, followed by the name, followed by an icon that looks like a contact card.

    It's that contact card icon that I'm after, inside the people application.

    Because when I select the contact card icon, I see all the numbers and email addresses under that name.

    But not in the people application. I only see the head icon and the name... for each number and email address. I end up seeing my name 4 times. I don't know which entry is my home number, which entry is my email address or which entry is my mobile number.

    If the dialer can do it, why can't the people application?

    I have taken the advice of earlier responses though, and started consolidating and editing my contacts in gmail. That is helping. (Thanks for that by the way.)

    I just wish the people app worked as nice as that contact card icon.
  8. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Erm, that's exactly what you get if you do as I stated in my previous post. At least it is here. :confused:

    In People:

    Search, then start typing a name.
    When you see the one you want, tap it.
    The contact card you describe should open.
  9. Xyro

    Xyro 4 8 15 16 23 42 Moderator

    Yeah, for me it doesn't matter if I open a contact via the phone or people app, they both open the same page. It's odd that yours doesn't do this.
  10. dakev

    dakev Well-Known Member

    Yes, when I select the people app, and I do a search, I only get that head icon, then the name.

    And I'll see that multiple times. I see it for each entry... so many times I'll see 4 head icons, and the same name 4 times... and NO contact card icon.

    Is it possible this is due to the rom I'm using?
  11. themorgs

    themorgs Member

    What type of contacts are they? Google, SIM or Phone?

    In the people app, select Menu > View. What action have you got set for showing duplicates? All, Google or Phone?
  12. versed

    versed New Member

    i wish the entire address would show. Hopefully google does something with this address book
  13. I have to say the worst feature out of everything on my Hero is the dialer/contacts interface (which is a pain considering its a phone). It absolutely sucks. I ended up just placing an icon for each common contact on my desktop. That way its one click to dial. I guess the favourites widget is useful but even that sucks as well ;-)

    Add to home - Shortcut - Person - select person - select action.

    (and its not something you can do on an iphone - apparently)
  14. sarahjusteruk

    sarahjusteruk New Member

    i'd like this too, is there an alternative app or method i'm not aware of..?
  15. wmkjones22

    wmkjones22 New Member

    Is there a way to modify an address book entry? When I tap the entry, I don't see a way to modify it, or even delete it? Also, is there a way of transfering address data from my PC to the Android Address Book? I don't see any file for the app when I connect my phone to the PC. Thanks.
  16. lightening

    lightening New Member

    what is address book exactly?
  17. janams

    janams New Member

    HELP! Every instruction for editing a contact DOES NOT WORK FOR ME! I do not have "edit" as a choice on my menu!

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