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  1. funnyboy243

    funnyboy243 New Member

    I have a Huawei Ascend Android phone on a Cricket PayGo plan and the basic apps (like messaging, browser and the included cricket apps) are able to use Cricket's data, but other apps (like Android Marketplace, Maps, Talk, GMail, Ect.) don't work and complain that the connection is not working.

    I think the problem is that Cricket PayGo uses a WAP proxy which causes the other apps to not work. Is there a way (officially or though some other method) to set a proxy for the other apps so they can use mobile data as well?

  2. XboxOmac

    XboxOmac Well-Known Member

    You should just switch your plan. I don't there is a way.
  3. Mentat

    Mentat New Member

    you will have to be on the $55 a month android plan sorry m8
  4. funnyboy243

    funnyboy243 New Member

    I found something that routes traffic through a program that can re-route traffic to proxies.

    Android -
  5. chefster74

    chefster74 Well-Known Member

    I have the $55 data plan and so far everything I've gotten from the app store works, I love this phone!
  6. captmonkey4777

    captmonkey4777 New Member

    funnyboy, how did you get the paygo option? I'm being stopped at every turn. I'm being told that ascend is not on the paygo. tx!
  7. Muldy

    Muldy Member

    LOL ya you need it trust me. I bought my Ascend and was "told" my plan was switched to the $55 plan, lol didnt find out till just now that I was still on the $45 plan and thats why my 3G wasnt working.

    Just talked to what Im pretty sure was a tranny on their customer service number (guy voice, woman's name) who was hard to understand but lets hope its going to work now lol
  8. Ktee

    Ktee Member

    Wish I knew what I was doing wrong.... I haven't been able to get any apps that work. Sanyo, Zio, Cricket $55.00 plan.... phone is OK, but I want to get a golf gps app and can't seem to get anything to download onto the phone. Is there a place to go that I can find something that will work for this phone on this plan?:(
  9. funnyboy243

    funnyboy243 New Member

    I got my Android phone on a Cricket PayGo plan because the person I bought it works at Cricket (or has access to customer's data and can change it) and he transfered my number from my Samsung Stunt phone (on PayGo plan) to my Huawei Ascend phone.
  10. Gmash

    Gmash Well-Known Member

    Do you have the 2.2 update yet? Some apps won't work on the older versions. Usually the market won't even let you download apps that are not compatible with your phone. If you have the update, 99% of the apps should work. If you can't get to the market at all, your data might not have been turned on. Cricket has been known to put people on the wrong plan or "forget" to turn the data on.

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