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Android and Facebook Mobile/ConnectSupport

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  1. CWinn

    CWinn New Member

    I've looked through the forums and was unable to find my issue, sorry if I missed it...

    I have the G1 running Android 1.6. Every time I try to log into Facebook Mobile or Facebook Touch it just reloads the login page and I'm still not logged in. I can access my account through the "Full Site" option, or through the Facebook App, but without Mobile I cannot use FBConnect on any other sites. When I try to use FBConnect, it takes me to the mobile login site, where I enter my email and password, hit "Connect" and it takes me to the Leaving Facebook site, but when I click continue, it takes me back to the site I was trying to connect with, still asking me to Connect my Facebook account.

    TL;DR Can't FBConnect through Facebook Mobile on my G1. Any one know about this? Any one know of a work around?

  2. ccw1134

    ccw1134 Member

    I am having the same problem on my Droid Incredible running 2.2. It started yesterday. There has to be something going on with Facebook's Touch portal. I will continue to research.

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