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  1. davyu

    davyu Well-Known Member

    Hi guys,

    I just heard recently about a friend who was using wifi on his iphone. Somehow it got disconnected, and without him knowing, it automatically connected to GPRS, and the data tariffs cost him a fortune. Apparently, it's something about 'default APN' on iphones.

    I was just wondering, is there something similar for us? Perhaps I should post in the support section, but since I use galaxo, I thought maybe asking here would be more helpful. Also, I heard about APNdroid, anyone have any insight there?


  2. gie62001

    gie62001 Well-Known Member

    yep, been using apndroid since the day i bought galaxy (7 months ago). i'm using it only to save the battery as it switches off my 3g/gprs connection, even though ive got unlimited data plan it's still very useful for me.
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  3. davyu

    davyu Well-Known Member

    Thanks mate. I'll check it out!
  4. atbeyi

    atbeyi Well-Known Member

    but without an internet plan isn't a smartphone useless?
  5. Cougar

    Cougar Well-Known Member

    A little known feature of smartphones is that in addition to sending text messages and browsing the Internet, you can also use the little button in the corner to talk to people...!!
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  6. atbeyi

    atbeyi Well-Known Member

    thanks for mentioning this :)

    but why do i buy a smartphone for just making calls? i would buy a
  7. Pennywis3

    Pennywis3 Well-Known Member

  8. ckx

    ckx New Member

  9. davyu

    davyu Well-Known Member

    Exactly, I don't need to go online 24/7, it's not that critical to me, but I'd like to have the option open when I need it.
  10. Cougar

    Cougar Well-Known Member

    Witty sarcasm aside, I tend to agree. I don't really want to be shutting down half the features of the phone just to make it useable for more than half a day, that's madness.

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