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Android and Office Web Apps (SkyDrive)

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  1. slbailey1

    slbailey1 Well-Known Member

    One of the major deciding points for me getting an Android tablet is can I access and fully use SkyDrive and MS Office Web Apps.

    With a Windows Live ID, I have 25g of free storage called SkyDrive. Also with SkyDrive I can create, edit, view, and share Office Documents (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote) thru a web browser and stored in my SkyDrive.

    Does anyone know if Android will be able to support skyDrive thru there web browser by the time android 3.0 is released?

  2. matrix2004

    matrix2004 Active Member

    I also want to know how to upload files from android to skydrive?
  3. Paulridden

    Paulridden New Member

    As apple would say, there's an App for that ! Try Android SMEStorage. It let's you work with SkyDrive files direct from the phone. You need an account at SMEStorage.com though.
  4. waynester

    waynester Well-Known Member

    any updates to this?
  5. matrix2004

    matrix2004 Active Member

    SMEStorage has an app now but it seems glitchy to me.
  6. houshasen

    houshasen New Member

    There is app called Sorami. Still in beta but works relatively well. Definitely have potential.
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  7. ivanprskalo

    ivanprskalo New Member

    I also use Sorami.

    Does everything I want quite well.
  8. mkztg

    mkztg New Member

    I am able to use my skydrive through the phone's browser, skydrive.live dot com..............

    I guess I can't upload files from the phone though.. it only does 1/2 of what I was expecting.
  9. fskuipers

    fskuipers New Member

    Selecting "PC version" at the bottom of the page shows you a more complete page. Perhaps upload is possible there?
  10. RossTiger

    RossTiger Active Member

    SkyDrive Browser seems to be quite useful for management of your skydrive. You can download and upload files easily, picture quality when you view them from the interface seems to suffer though, even when the file is still on your tablet. Other than that seems a solid app.

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