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Android app to connect to Apple iMessage

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  1. Chrisn77

    Chrisn77 Well-Known Member

    I want to communicate with some friends who only use iMessage mostly to be in thier group text. I recieve individual threads for each person and i want a app like imessage that will allow me to recieve a group thread and see everyone in the thread. I will want to see when the text is sent and delivered just like imessage. I would also like to see if they are texting back like imessage shows you when they are typing. Rooted users/non-rooted users may help. Give me ideas on where to get the app. whats it called? where to find it? rumors if devs are making one, what roms have them. I personally have the Lg Motion 4g for metro but anyone can help. Please everyone help. If you dont know at least post ideas.

  2. gtbarry

    gtbarry Well-Known Member

    If you want all that you need an iphone. apple is a closed system and the issue is them not giving other companies or developers access to that information.
  3. alinium

    alinium Member

    Get your friends to switch to a platform-independent solution like WhatsApp or Kik Messenger. They both provide all the functionality you are looking for and work on both iOS and Android (as well as other platforms like Blackberry, etc).
  4. Chrisn77

    Chrisn77 Well-Known Member

    But I read somewhere that in some roms they have a messaging app that allows you to be in the iPhone group text

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