Android app to unlock phone with a certain barcode

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  1. iloveandroid3

    iloveandroid3 New Member

    Hi everyone! Does anyone know of an app on the Market that lets you unlock your phone only if you scan a particular barcode/QR code?

    If not, is there a way to make a app like this in App Inventor? With Barcode Scanner and Activity Launcher perhaps?


  2. slycorp

    slycorp New Member

    meh ... I would say that you first need to unlock the screen to get access to any scan app ... am I wrong ?
  3. Ano1987

    Ano1987 Member

    Well, dont know... Might be possible. The MazeLock or FingerPrint lock types are also apps that startup before it gets unlocked.

    The main thing might be that ur phone automatically opens the "QRSCAN-TO-UNLOCK" app without locking the phone. Then in the app itself you have to disable anyting.

    If all above is possible, then the app is possible.

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