Android App Wheel? PLEASE HELP!!!

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  1. justinv

    justinv New Member

    I'm looking for a app wheel for the home screen on android. Is there any theme or widget for this? PLEASE HELP! I really want to find this bad. I think there's got to be some sorta wheel you can place apps on and then you see the wheel on your home screen like a ipod nano kinda thing. Thanks!!!! :)

  2. RadYOacTiVe

    RadYOacTiVe Well-Known Member

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  3. justinv

    justinv New Member

    That's pretty sweet but I'm looking for something that rotates on the side kinda part way off the screen if you know what I mean... THANKS THOUGH!
  4. XenaWK

    XenaWK New Member

    Omni Swipe or Wheel Launcher Lite

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