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Android apps passwords/login and market

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  1. tarquinkrikery

    tarquinkrikery New Member

    Hi all,

    Brand new to site, done a search as looking for some clarification but can't seem to find anything about this so hoping someone has some knowledge.

    I work for a company and we've had an app designed that works on both iPhone and Android. We want to have the app distributed to our 'workforce' as easily as possible. End user are NOT tech-savvy so easiest route to market preferred.

    We have an internal website they can access and thus for the iPhone app we will host it on this site as they can login and install the app from the site. However Android is not so straight forward as there are a number of steps which may confuse our end-users

    So I'd like to have the Android version on a Market either Google Play etc. My question is this - the app is 'closed' i.e you require a login to access the app or it won't do anything. Will any of the Android App Markets let us upload the app because of this? Any help grateful. Obviously I assume a login is ok, given Facebook app etc which requires login. Just not sure what the specifics are around this and couldn't find anything helpful on google play pages.

    Cheers! :)

  2. GrenW

    GrenW Well-Known Member

    Our company uses an Android app for data collection (we're a market research agency). The trial of the app was placed on the market, so open to all to download, but required a password to access any functionality. The password was part of the app and involved no logging in to validate.

    I was only involved as a tester but I know there were no problems adding the app to the market or anything else for that matter.
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  3. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    You can email the app to all of your Android carrying employees and have them install it to their phones by opening the email attachment. If installing from 'Unknown Sources' isn't enabled, it will prompt the user to do it and take them to the settings page where they tap the check box and hit back and can install it.

    Might be an easier way than passwords.
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  4. tarquinkrikery

    tarquinkrikery New Member

    Thanks for answers, I need the 'login' password process though as the users come and go in the business and I need to ensure only 'active' employees can utilise the application.

    Sounds like I may be able to upload to market for distribution though so will give it a go and see what happens.....

    I was thinking it can't be that much more different from Facebook app though - since you need a username and password for that to work......
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