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  1. joecreed28

    joecreed28 Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, I am a former Android user (HTC Incredible) that switched to the Iphone for the past 14 months or so. I recently switched to Straight Talk and use an ATT IPhone, but really am interested in coming back to Android. My question is, how is the battery life these days? My Iphone lasts me until at least 8-9pm each night, which is fine because I'm home from work by then. The Android phones I have used, I'd actually have to slow down on my usage halfway through the day so I'd still have juice left to get through my work day. I'm a delivery driver too, so that's very important. Any ATT/Unlocked Android phones whose batteries would equal or surpass the IPhone 4? Thanks in advance!

  2. Mike K

    Mike K New Member

    I have a new AT&T HTC running Android and my phone would hardly make it through a whole day. I found a app called JuiceDefender. It has really helped my battery quite a bit. There are some settings that can be changed to help with your problem. When I first installed it I did notice that it had helped, but then after a week or two it even worked better. There are 5 different settings that are available for you to play with. There are 5 different settings "Balanced, Aggressive, Extreme, Customize,and Advanced. I just use the the Balanced setting and it works great for me. Hope this will help you out.
  3. Cold Steel

    Cold Steel Member

    I have the Droid Incredible as well. Using an OEM 3500mAh battery. Gets through a whole day of heavy use without any problem. Don't use Juice Defender, but heard it's pretty good. The only exception to this was the day I rooted it. After rooting and getting everything where I wanted it, I had to recharge by noon, even with the 3500mAh battery. But that's an exception.
  4. joecreed28

    joecreed28 Well-Known Member

    Yeah it seems like the only options are the Razr Maxx (which because it's not on ATT isn't an option for me), or extended batteries that make the phone thicker. I was hoping I was missing something and there was much improved battery life, but it's not looking good.
  5. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    First reports coming back on the Note 2 are showing phenomenal battery life. Granted this is the International one not on LTE but it looks promising.
  6. SarcaGuy

    SarcaGuy Member

    I can make my EVO Shift last a full day, even when it is overclocked to 1.4GHz.
    Well, I do turn the brightness of the screen down to like 5%. I can't stand the screen being too bright.

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