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Android browsers and flash - LOOOONG postGeneral

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  1. 11290

    11290 Active Member

    Sorry for this long post, but had to vent. I am getting very tired of having to have multiple browsers loaded to see some things on my Tab. My issues:

    Stock browser was so slow that I loaded Chrome a few months ago.

    Did the OTA upgrade to JB a couple of nights ago. Had been using Chrome browser but after the update Chrome went into turtle mode. Did a full reset but no help. Downloaded Opera mobile 12.1.4 and found it to be much faster. So far, so good.

    Went into the corporate site for the company I work part time for (using Opera) and they had a video link for some site related work changes. Clicked on the link and was told that I had to have Flash 9.0 or above. Went to load Flash and Opera would not accept it. Tried all of their links and no luck.

    Went to Chrome and same issue, needed Flash 9.0 or above. Went to load Flash, not supported by Android anymore.

    Went to the "stock" browser that came with Tab, same issue but after a Google search, found I was able to load Flash from an archive site and got it to work with that browser.

    Went on last night to Opera to look at an internal airline flight self listing schedule and could not scroll down the page. It would only let me see about 1/3 of the page listing. Went to the stock, slow browser and it would work. Never did try Chrome as by that time I was not happy.

    This afternoon, went on my wife's iPad 2, logged in to the airline site and had zero problems with scrolling, went to the corporate site and it played the video with no issues about Flash.

    All of this hassle with having to use specific browsers depending on what I am doing has me thinking now, maybe I really should have bought the iPad (I think it is a LOT faster than the Tab) and then gotten a 7" android device to be able to make "daily photo"" folders and copy photos by day to the expandable memory of my TAB when we travel and also to be able to do MS Office stuff when I need to.

    Also, why is Chrome so slow on Android JB? Same company it should be optimized to run on Android, at least IMHO.

  2. ThatTabGuy

    ThatTabGuy Well-Known Member

    Lol trust me, you are not the only one ranting and raving over the lack of Flash support for ICS/JB. It is quite annoying. Its actually Adobe's fault, as they have left Flash and have moved on to developing it for other platforms. Besides, Flash is old and antiquated; HTML5 is the new flash, and it is in use quite a bit. Just needs a good browser to support it well.
  3. 11290

    11290 Active Member


    One thing that I really don't understand, the corporate site that I tried to access the video is VERY MS oriented. When I'm at home on the PC, I use FireFox browser and cannot access some of the pages and HAVE to use Int. Explorer as the site is MS oriented. This is a very large national company that employs well over 100,000 people if you include ABC, Theme Parks and ESPN.

    When I came to their instructional video, the popup said Flash 9.0 or above only. Then when I went to the same site with my wife's iPad 2, it came up with no issues or popup's whatsoever and played flawlessly. If this video was coded as HTML5, why did I get the popup for Flash and if it was coded in Flash, why did it play on the iPad. Just doesn't make sense.

    Finding that other than the "expandable memory" and ability to use a USB device on the Tab, maybe I would have been better off with an iPad. (gurgle, gurgle - washing my mouth out with soap after saying that)
  4. ThatTabGuy

    ThatTabGuy Well-Known Member

    Lol @ "washing your mouth out"! I agree. Its weird. Just to make things worse, did you know that Dolphin HD on the Tab has an option to view the pages as if you were looking at it through and Ipad?!? Or even a Desktop view? Actually this works...SOMEtimes. It allows me to download a video to watch with my favorite player as opposed to viewing it in the browser that doesn't support Flash.

    The HTML5 programmers need to work a little faster :(
  5. 11290

    11290 Active Member

    Had Dolphin on there for a little while but just didn't like it. Didn't see the "ipad option" though. Might try it again.
  6. Bosbouer

    Bosbouer Well-Known Member

    One question, did you make sure you installed "chrome for android" from the apps store? The Android version works 100% still far better than Dolphin.
    For sites that require you flash "Boat browser" is nice light item
  7. 11290

    11290 Active Member

    Yes, have the Chrome for Android version. Trying Dolphin right now. Still asked for flash when I tried company videos.
  8. ThatTabGuy

    ThatTabGuy Well-Known Member

    As an update, Dolphin Browser Beta still does not support Flash.

    Anybody have some solutions? Note: I HATE:mad: the stock browser, but I'm stuck if i want to watch something useful.:(
  9. Knightmare69

    Knightmare69 Active Member

    I too hate needing to have multiple browsers just fill my internet curiosity. Dolphin works fine on my phones but for tab it was just downright horrible. Tried chrome and opera based on peoples recommendations and hated them both not to mention i never once saw the speed other people praised them for. In the end i just stuck with the stock browser and anything I couldn't see on the tab I just wait till I'm at my PC at work.

    Sometimes.......i too think I should've gotten an iPad. Now my wife is wondering why im gurgling my mouth out. Cant let her know though as shes a apple fangirl, she'd never let me hear the end of it.
  10. 11290

    11290 Active Member

    Dolphin works pretty well for me on the Tab after I just sat down and spent a few hours trying to get some things figured out that I wasn't doing right the first time.

    Actually been looking at the iPad 4's the last couple of days. Found out that iOS6 brings the ability to add / create albums from camera roll and Numbers will allow you to edit .xls files. These were a couple of things that kept me away from it in the beginning.

    Been comparing with my wife's iPad 2 also and hers is much faster (I'm sure the 4 would be too) than the Tab. Oh well, kind of stuck right now.
  11. ThatTabGuy

    ThatTabGuy Well-Known Member

    Lol :puke::laugh:

    Its Adobe's fault for not realizing how useful Flash still is in the Android world. And I'm sure they are getting a lot of hate mail as a result.
  12. ZooCrazie

    ZooCrazie Well-Known Member

    Instead of creating a whole new thread i thought this could go here. Im new to tablets. Just installed chrome. I still have the stock browser going. Do I need to disable it or keep it running? I have chrome on my s3 also just DL it also. I guess I can link the two together. Sorry im new to all this ... i try to read the post in these forums but half the time I dont understand all the jargon.
  13. Bosbouer

    Bosbouer Well-Known Member

    Welcome Zoocrazie,
    You don't have to disable the std browser. You will in fact need it from time to time for websites requiring flash. Just select chrome as the default action when you open a Web page.
    Yes you can sync your chrome account over all your devices.

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