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    I have a Galaxy S4.

    I thought I had synched my Gmail and WLM Calendars.

    However, when I add events to my Phone Calendar, those events do not show up in Windows Live Mail Desktop or Gmail Desktop.

    Does anyone know how sync Droid with these so the events all show up in the same places?

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    I've moved this to the Galaxy S4 board where it'll be seen by more people with your same device. Please feel free to add any other questions or information that may help narrow down the issue you're having.
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    The built in Calendar is Samsung's native, not google. Did you download actual Google Calendar ? The icons are very similar, Samsung's is green, Google's is blue with a folded page corner. Also, upon entering an event for sync, you need to select the calendar from the list. The color bar with Calendar name or e-mail address on top of the screen.

    ---> Google Calendar <---
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