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Android Cannot Open HTML File! Need HelpSupport

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  1. BryanLim

    BryanLim New Member

    Hi Sir/Mdm,

    My Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 cannot open some html files. Some of them can open but not all.

    The message shown is

    Web Page Not Available

    content://com.android.htmlfileprovider/mnt/sdcard/FileLocation might be temporary down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

    Please help to give me some advice? Thank you so much


  2. Tallmike00

    Tallmike00 Active Member

    I guess my question would be whether or not you have a good solid wifi connection. This same alert you are getting when trying to access the web page can also come if you are going through cellular service and don't have a good signal. I experience this with my Nexus phone when not connected to wifi and have just one bar and "Edge" not 3G.

    I added the "Dolphin" android browser app (free) on both of my mobile devices, Nexus and Tab 7.7. Good luck to you.
  3. mrtomcruise

    mrtomcruise New Member

    While trying to access the html files I placed in the assets
    folder of my application,

    I was able to display "normal" html files using WebView in my
    application, but when I click on a link in an html file that links to
    a fragment in another html file, it says that the webpage is not

    "The webpage at file:///android_asset/other_file.html#fragment


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