Android Car Stereos...Are They Out There Yet???

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  1. hellooomcfly

    hellooomcfly New Member

    I have been on the hunt for about a week now in search of an Android Car Stereo. Sirius is proving itself not worthy of my monthly fee, given the same, repetitive songs that they play over and over on your local radio stations. I have just discovered the wonderful world of Pandora (yes, I know it took me long enough) and I have been searching for a car stereo with Pandora equipped, that supports Android phones. So far, my search has been unsuccessful, as it seems everyone has fallen victim to Steve Jobbs' attempt to brainwashing everyone into thinking Apple products are gold, and only Apple products should be supported on car audio devices. So, my question is, does anyone know where said car stereo can be found, if there even is such a thing yet? Any help on this is greatly appreciated.

  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    That's the United States. Whereas here in China, Android car systems are actually becoming very popular, both factory fitted and after-market systems. Probably because iOS devices can be expensive luxuries, and Android has become rather ubiquitous here.

    Here's a couple of examples...
    Knight Rider - 7 Inch Android 2.3 Car DVD with 3G Internet (WiFi, GPS, DVB-T) - China Android Car Dvd,Car Dvd Player with 3g
    7 Inch 2 DIN WiFi 3G Android 2.3/4.0 Car DVD Player for Toyota Prada with GPS etc. (FLY-TYT-P) - China Android Car Dvd Player for Toyota,Android Car Gps for Toyota Prado

    BTW if anyone has an iOS compatible ICE ("Designed for iPhone"), that uses the 30-pin Dock connector, better hope it's compatible with the new iPhone 5 Lighting adapter. Apparently some existing car systems don't work with it, e.g. BMW.
  3. Covart

    Covart Well-Known Member

    All you need is a stereo that can is Bluetooth A2DP capable (and of course your phone has Bluetooth, like the S3.)

    No wires or Tuning in stations to deal with. Simply pair the stereo and phone once, then when you get in the car, have Bluetooth turned on, click on a Bluetooth toggle on the phone and any music stored on the phone will play automatically. I recommend Poweramp as your music app of choice though.
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  4. beallpatrick

    beallpatrick Well-Known Member

    Pioneer SPH-DA100 AppRadio™ 2 supports Android control of Pandora provided you've got one of the phones that are listed as compatible.
  5. DesireMeUp

    DesireMeUp New Member

    I have bluetooth setup in my car on the note 2 but it only allows phone calls to stream over bluetooth (its the only option under its setting

    Also i have a cable connected to my stero in my audi car but when i connect my Note 2 it says "no songs on this device"

    i wonder do i need to store the music in a certain folder as it recognises the phone as a meia device????:confused:
  6. Parshooter

    Parshooter Well-Known Member

    I have an adapter that plugs into my car's power outlet (cigar lighter) that allows me to listen to media from my phone and also make/recieve calls. Costs about $25
    As far as Pandora goes, it's not much better than Sirirus/XM. They also have a rotation of songs that you will get used to once you listen for a few months. :smokingsomb:
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  7. beallpatrick

    beallpatrick Well-Known Member

    If your stereo isn't sophisticated enough to handle bluetooth audio I doubt you'll have much luck connecting via USB. Even before Android switched to MTP and trashed mass storage mode (where it mounted pretty much like a flash drive) not one of the three stereos I've had would recognize music on any of the phones I had.

    I've heard that there are some apps for rooted phones that resurrect a phone's ability to mount in mass storage mode, but unless they're able to trick your stereo into thinking your phone is a plain old thumb drive, they aren't likely to help.

    Did your stereo not have a 1/8" cable analog input.? Usually that's what the cheaper head units have.

    The manual for most car stereos tells you exactly how it handles songs on mass storage devices, so if there are any specific folder requirements, you'd find them in there. Most manufacturers have the manuals for download on their websites if you've lost yours.

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