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Android comet won't charge

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  1. gondormon

    gondormon New Member

    I've had my android comet for about two years, so it isn't a new phone by any means. three months ago the usual charger i use broke and i bought a new one. i don't know if that's related to the problem, but i thought i'd throw it in. I started noticing that when i use my car charger, the phone wouldn't charge unless i pulled the chord around the back of the phone to create pressure between the port and micro usb prong (or whatever it's called). It never used to do this with my car charger. Then i started to notice that sometimes if i left my phone on the charger while i slept, i would wake to find the phone either dead or with no battery life at all, even if it was nearly fully charged when i went to sleep. It still showed the phone was charging, but the numbers were going the wrong way. It got so bad that about a month ago i took the phone to a repair shop and USB port on the phone replaced because it wouldn't even recognize that the wall charger was plugged in. Well, that fixed it, until a couple days ago where it is doing it all again.

    I am pretty sure it's a problem with the phone rather than the charger i'm using, because my little brother has the same model and his phone charges just fine with my charger, and he still has his original charger and it doesn't charge my phone either. If it's not the USB port that isn't working, then what is it?

  2. gondormon

    gondormon New Member

    I've discovered that if i do the same thing i did with the car charger, pulling the chord tight behind the phone, creating pressure and pulling the charger... (prong?) ever so slightly, then the phone chargers, but the charger chord has to sit in the perfectly right position or else it doesn't work, so if i bump it at all, it stops charging and no longer recognizes that the charger is plugged in
  3. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    yeah my old og evo used to be the same way. i had to charge the phone a certain way so that the charger cord was putting more pressure upwards in order for it to charge. it got so bad that i had to eventually get it fixed by sprint who just replaced it with a refurbished one.
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  4. mydian

    mydian Well-Known Member

    It sounds like your usb port on the phone is messing up again. As you said, you have to put pressure on it again with the car charger. Since it's only been around a month I would see if whoever you had repair will look at it again for you. It may have just come unsoldered.
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  5. gondormon

    gondormon New Member

    thank you, i plan on going down there soon to seen if they can just fix it again, it didn't cost much last time, and since i am coming down there so soon, i will probably get a good deal if not free
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