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android connecting my directv receiver?

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  1. tazoman

    tazoman Active Member

    Hi group,

    I'm not sure if I can do this but I gave it a try. I have direct tv service and I use pdanet on my htc incredible to connect it to my computer to get internet service so I thought maybe I could do the same if I plugged my phone into the back of my direct tv receiver to connect it to the internet also. The direct tv receiver seemed to notice an internet connection but it would stop and give me these messages 1. no dns server and 2. no default gateway, and then it would close the connection.
    I would like to use my phone to connect my direct tv receiver to the net if possible when needed. any help on how I can get this done would be appreciated, thanks.


  2. No because the receiver doesnt have the phone drivers, or the pdanet program on it.

    The only way i know of to do it: connect your phone to computer as usual. Connect a crossover ethernet cable between your computer and the cable box. Then in windows, go to your network settings and bridge the pdanet connection with the ethernet connection.
  3. tazoman

    tazoman Active Member

    HMMM good idea, I think i'll try that, thanks

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