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  1. Turbo Brian

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    moved to blackberries a couple years ago and loved them. up until last week i'd been using a Bold 9700. ive been skeptical of all touch screen phones but decided to give it a whirl and ive been likeing where android is going. my nexus one arrived last wednesday. i updated to froyo on friday. still getting acquainted with what i can do with it but so far the experience has been great. the only significant things im missing from the BB world are phone profiles (loud, normal, vibe, silent) and a speaker thats audible. if in the sleeve or laying on the couch or in my pocket, even on full loud, the ringer is pretty muffled. i need to find a holster for it too. always carry my phones in a holster on my belt. been using the sleeve in my pocked the past week and its quite annoying.

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    Welcome to Android Forums!! :)

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