Android Country code problem

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    I am currently having this problem with my mother's new Sky Vega A10 which, what I heard is a Korean company. This is my first post in any forum so please bear with me. Coming straight to my problem.
    Phone asks for an area code to be added to the contact for seeing the name of the message sender but asks to remove it for identifying the name of caller. For more details, look below:
    This cell phone was bought last evening, so I tried to transfer all of the contacts from my mother's old cell phone (which was Samsung S5233) to this one via bluetooth and I was successful. I could receive calls on it without any problem but the I observed that the messages I received weren't showing contact names, doing the most obvious thing, I added my country code which is +92 to every contact one by one (it was a drag) and when I finally tested it, it gave a positive result, I could see the names of the message sender.. But just now, my mother came to me complaining that the phone was not showing the names of the caller now. I called my mother from my cellphone and BAM!, it only showed the contact without the country code. I have no idea how to solve it. P.S, my area code is +92


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