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  1. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Well-Known Member Contributor

    Whoever wrote that iOS crashes more than Android is wrong. I have many Android devices running various versions. Don't get me wrong i love Android but It crashes a LOT. My phone is basically a BlackBerry. You need to do a battery pull every day or two because it WILL lock up. Why? I don't know. It will just up and freeze. Screen either won't wake up, or during music it will just reboot itself. Or lock up. As a Linux based OS, I shouldn't need to reboot PERIOD. It's not windows. Apps occasionally act 'weird'. They either load a black screen followed by a force quit notice, or dump be back to the home screen. (Crash to desktop). Or claim network error when there ain't nothing wrong with the network. Even expensive android tablets seem laggy and could never replace my laptop or even my ipad. Somewhere I have a problem but this is bugging me. I don't know why android can't be made smooth and queue UI processes like iOS can. Is there any app or hack I can do to fix this because I hate using apple devices to do the same thing!

    I get probably 23 hours of uptime before it crashes fatally. Half my themes don't apply themselves when I reset it. Many apps lose their configurations when it crashes. My ipad in contrast is rock stable, lags zero, and never requires a reboot unless I upgrade the os

  2. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    well not sure what devices you have. but i have the evo 4g lte and mine does not crash or anything like that. of course i'm rooted, but that should make it any different. before i was rooted, it ran perfectly.

    i also have the asus transformer infinity and this thing is amazing. it runs smooth and i use it more then i do my laptop. of course it should never replace a laptop as my laptop has more computing power then my tablet.
  3. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Well-Known Member Contributor

    I have tried in store demos, phones both cheap and expensive, tablets both odd brand and expensive high end brands. They can't keep up with my 90wpm typing. Apps force close a lot, device gets hot, apps acting weird, working the third try. False no Internet errors...self rebooting. Having to reboot forcibly because its acting too slow to be usable. Or locks up when not being used at all. I have to post to AF on an ipad because it takes twice the time to type on android.

    I'm a bit upset at times. The choppy screen transitions, present on all android devices (I found out why, because android doesn't give all priority to the UI or queue tasks the way IOS does) bugs the living daylight out of me.

    No Linux based operating system should need a reboot. EVER. These systems run mainframes for crying out loud.

    As for lag, this:

    There HAS to be a way to force UI rendering as top priority. Quite frankly I am not sure why its not done. If one thing continues to bug me, its Android lag.
  4. Crashdamage

    Crashdamage Well-Known Member

    I've used Android since v1.0 on several devices and have never had stability problems. Jelly Bean is absolutely as silky smooth and quick as anything including iOS or WP8. The link you provided is badly out of date and no longer accurate.

    You don't have an Android problem per se. If your complaints were typical Android could never have become the monster it is. Your problems are very atypical and likely due to:
    A. Poorly coded 3rd-party apps.
    B. Low-end device taxed to or beyond its capabilities.
    C. Defective device.
    D. Poor setup.
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  5. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Well-Known Member Contributor

    Stability is second priority. The lag and need to reboot to free RAM is unacceptable.

    Turning the CPU speeds and messing with Governer settings reduces, but never eliminates the lag. The keyboard in even the JB ROMs I try or Store demos don't have the speed to type at my rate. If I spell out a big word at 100wpm, its missing many of the letters

    I am not sure but perhaps most android users never used an iDevice or they don't pay any mind to the lag. I'm a perfectionist and the slightest choppiness drives me nuts...

    There is a big issue when I wake my screen and the first thing I see is ' has stopped responding'
  6. Crashdamage

    Crashdamage Well-Known Member

    Again, you do *not* have an Android problem. You have problem A, B, C, D or a combination thereof. You need to investigate and find which one(s) are causing you grief. Blaming Android will get you nowhere.
  7. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Well-Known Member Contributor

    With every device I try, including store demonstrations? Even store displays have keyboard lag, but they're not rooted and have on-demand governing
  8. Crashdamage

    Crashdamage Well-Known Member

    The well-used year-old HTC Amaze running ICS I'm typing this on has ZERO keyboard lag.
  9. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Well-Known Member Contributor

    Try trying very fast like at 100 WPM. Attempt a scroll through 50 or so apps and see if it doesn't stutter. Even Google themselves admit Android lags behind iOS due to the way it prioritizes the UI. JB doesn't seem to have fixed it.
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  10. Crashdamage

    Crashdamage Well-Known Member

    Never mind typing speed, I literally cannot touch the keyboard fast enough, even in utter gibberish, to cause lag on any of my devices.

    Again, the info in the link you gave about the UI priorities, etc is old and no longer accurate. This was fully addressed in JB by Project Butter.
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  11. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Well-Known Member Contributor

  12. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    yeah i'm not a very fast at typing on my phone. my tablet does have a keyboard. i have yet to notice any lag on any of them........of course i suck at typing on my phone and that is why i use the swype keyboard.

    now i know that android is not perfect a whole and i have not had a chance to play around with an iphone let alone any apple products so i have no basis to compare like you have. but for me i'm happy with android and the choices of owning the devices i have.

    all i can say is do whatever makes you happy. if you like ios that much then you might want to considering going back to it.
  13. Crashdamage

    Crashdamage Well-Known Member

    What device are you running 4.1 on and is it rooted?
  14. Crashdamage

    Crashdamage Well-Known Member

  15. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Well-Known Member Contributor

    JB on stock in store demo display (Nexus 7 ) on note pad app. ICS on various devices both single as well as dual cores. I like the features and customization I get with android. However I do not like false claims (ios crashing more than android) and I can understand ios user frustration at the lag. Hell I'm typing this on a ICS tablet running at 1GHz and I have to type at a pathetic 20 wpm because there is a distinct lag at the time I tap a key before it registers.
  16. Chaser94

    Chaser94 Member

    Sorry to hear. My android devices are much better than my iOS based devices
  17. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    From the OP's sig:

    Coby Kyros MID7015 (Android 2.1--don't ask!)

    Given what it is, I can certainly understand that crashing a lot, been generally unstable, laggy, etc. Think we already discussed this piece of junk in another thread anyway.

    Kindle Fire (Cyanogenmod 9 Android 4.0.4 ICS)
    ZTE Merit (Z990G, CyanogenMod 7
    tacked on stuff)

    What's the "tacked on stuff" about? Also are you using a stable version of CM?, and not a beta, development or nightly build?

    The ZTEs should be OK with stock ZTE Android, although the budget phones like the Merit, can feel laggy, because of slower single-core CPUs and not much system RAM. Certainly can't compare the ZTE Merit to say an expensive high-performance Samsung Galaxy 3 or iPhone 4S or 5. Can't comment about CM with them. Is the Merit officially supported by CM? I had a Galaxy S with CM, found that to be very stable, no problems at all.

    I've two Android devices myself, with ICS 4.0. A cheapo off-brand device :rolleyes:, and sure enough that crashes, force closes, frequently has to be reset, etc. And a Lenovo phone, and that's extremely stable and very responsive.
  18. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    How do you manage 100WPM with a non-tactile touch screen virtual keyboard? Or are you using a real full-sized PC style keyboard.

    I have difficulty in managing 20-30WPM on a non-tactile glass keyboard, and that's with Swype. Probably much less if I had to peck letter-by-letter, e.g. on a non-Swype iPhone or iPad.
  19. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Is an old argument nick already posted before and still I don't see his fuss.

    Basing on his profile, all of his devices are underpowered to run Android in its full power so yeah, ICS and JB would lag.

    Second, store demos really don't cut it for me, since they've been left running for the whole day with whoever does whatever to it. Android as a system gets faster over use as it learns your app usage pattern and your demands from it. So a 2 week old Android device should be faster and better than when you first opened it.
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  20. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Well-Known Member Contributor

    Well I had to overclock and replace the keyboard app and can reduce but never eliminate Android lag.

    I never use that POS Kyros tablet.

    I own far more than my Merit. I have a Kindle Fire as well as some cheap off brands that I fiddle with which ironically seem to outperform all other. The D2 Pad I'm using to post this seems the most lag free and stable of them all, despite my having to overclock 200MHz beyond its rated speed.

    My fast Typing? Years of experience plus the ipad does have a decent screen response and keyboard. It doesn't lag. Overpriced as you claim Apple to be, to get the same level of OS smoothness and performance as well as screen dpi rate you'll probably spend twice the price on an Android tablet. I am not hating but there is still a lot of catching up Android needs before it can compare IMO

    No matter the hardware, NO linux-based OS, Android included, should need a reboot. That's windows crap
  21. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    AFAIK the D2 is a re-branded cheapo something or other, thrown together in some Shenzhen tech shop, just like the Cobys. It's a rather low-specced device, 1GHz single core, 512MB RAM. I wouldn't expect things to be instant and completely lag free. And the Kindle Fire was primarily designed as an e-book reader. I wouldn't expect high performance and a lag free experience out of this.

    I don't think you can spend twice as much on an Android tablet, as what an iPad costs. iPads are probably the most expensive tablets there are, iPad 3 is around about $900 USD here, Don't know about in other countries though. That's very expensive for a tablet IMO. Something equivalent to a "D2" or whatever, is probably only $100 at the most, $30-$40 wholesale.

    It does if the hardware is cheap, has poor or non-existent QC and testing, second-rate, B/C grade, and the software is buggy. Ahem...Coby Kyros, "D2", and most other el-cheapo junk that floods out of Shenzhen. Windows 7 and 8 is very stable on good hardware, Found it only needs to be rebooted once a month, for the second Tuesday updates.

    I just don't find any lag with text entry on Android. Although I'm using Swype(English and Chinese), and what I type appears instantly, even on the crappy cheapo Shenzhen thing I've got here.
  22. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    That was debunked a year ago.

    Depending on your phone, UI rendering may not be handled by the GPU, but by a separate core.

    JellyBean improves things. So did many rooted Gingerbread solutions - again, phone dependent.

    Hope this helps! :)
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  23. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    No matter how you overclock, each of your devices you mentioned has specs that can't compare against an outdated Galaxy SII, they all are running 2-3year old specs, so no matter what you say, unless you have a properly setup and trained Android device that has specs mirroring the current gen recommended Nexus devices (baseline would likely be Nexus 7 with quad core A9 for JB), its difficult for many of us to take your rants seriously.

    Your best device, a Kindle Fire HD, has slightly weaker specs than my own one year old Galaxy Tab Plus, and overclocking can only take you so far. Not to mention that the Kindle is exactly a device which has top of the line developer support for ROMs, unlike the Android flagships of the One and Galaxy series.
  24. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Well-Known Member Contributor

    My ipad 3 was only $499 at Best Buy. 16GB. I expect the Nexus 10, which has something better than the retina display( my only reason to consider it) will likely cost that much if not more.

    The Kyros MID7015 is nothing close to the D2 Pad. True, they are el-cheapo, but the Kyros had three things which killed it. 1) it ran Android 2.1 (lets face it, Eclair sucked plus having any 'new' tablet running THAT in a then-Honeycomb era was stupid) 2) it had hardly any RAM to speak of--256MB. It was a miracle it booted at all. 3) it was overpriced at a whopping $199 at K-Mart
  25. alicemenezes

    alicemenezes Well-Known Member

    Definitely agree with nickdalzell.... I've been using android too from the first version up till now and it definitely keeps getting hung up and lots of lag issues and a dozen other "speed" problems its got. The "force close" is like THE most frustrating thing in an android. Never used an iOS but heard that it never ever crashes.

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