Android Cupcake @ Wear The Cheese

  1. greenless

    greenless Well-Known Member

    I run the behind-the-scenes tech/multimedia stuff for a new food blog called Wear The Cheese. It's a website devoted to producing food that's directly from or inspired by geek culture. Like a tribute album to all the things we love... but with food.

    Tonight, we posted the first in our series of Android desserts. Naturally, it's cupcake!

    So, check it out! :)

    Meet (and eat) Andy! Wear The Cheese!

  2. Mavis Cruet

    Mavis Cruet Well-Known Member

    Lol .. Looks Yummy.:)
  3. greenless

    greenless Well-Known Member

    Sweet, they actually included the link in the 'Android Overload' post today. :)
  4. mamawm

    mamawm Well-Known Member

    this is great, and your inspiration statement is priceless!

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