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  1. tolee

    tolee New Member

    hi ebery body.. i have one of these boxes but as i figured out, i cannot root it.. i found somehelp in another forum (don't know if i'm allowed to mention it's name) but still cannot root my box... after some searching i found that the box is an ABOX with android version 2.3.7 and cpu ARMv6... the box has also an RCA output in the left side (actually it's a 3.5mm jack which ends on 3 RCA connectors)
    The problem is that i cannot root it/upgrade it/flash custom firmware...
    is there anybody who managed to do this on this box?
    thanx a lot in advance

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  2. tolee

    tolee New Member

    perhaps it's model ATB2012
    anyone knows something about it?
  3. pedroa

    pedroa Member

    I have the same and no one, not even where you buy get me information from it, not even a full firmware demo that comes with it, android tv this is not.

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    Its Abox model,Also you can see here.

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    Many sites sell but no one offers support, I need the firmware for flash, be root is how to get to the recovery, if anyone knows help us please

  4. 4phoenix

    4phoenix New Member

    have same no update
  5. blfc

    blfc New Member

    Any luck? I cannot set date and time in mine. Network time doesn't work and disabling also don't enable date and time input.

    EDIT: I found an update firmware to my unit. It has a uc131 processor, the firmware is at - but the date and time bug remains, although now I can use market to install apks. To install just unzip, execute the UpdateTool pointing to a blank SD or USB stick, and turn the unit on with the SD or USB stick pluged. After about ten minutes it will reboot, updated (you can see messages on screen during the process). If you need recovery, turn the unit on holding power button for about twenty seconds and it will enter "recover mode", allowing reinstall

    EDIT2: If you unit has a wm8710 processor, there is a mod for it at (don't know If I can post the forum link from where I get it. If you want, ask privately please)
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