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Android Essentials Pack (Applications and Fonts)General

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  1. tmasabari

    tmasabari Active Member

    This "Android Essentials Pack" update package is a collection of basic and important (I personally think as must-have) applications for android mobile phones. This package is light-weight (19.6 MB) and can be reused between multiple updates or switching between different ROMs.

    I hope we can use this package in all rooted android Gingerbread machines. I've tested in my Micromax A75 with Lewa ROM. It is a by-product of LeWa CM7 ROM for MicroMax A75 project. Please let me know if you find this useful in other configuration also.

    1. Built in fallback font support for most of the languages (22 MB full ttf)
    2. Opera mini software is included for full Indic font rendering support.
    3. DSP Manager application is included. It provides high quality music effects.
    4. Tiny Flashlight application(LED flash Display light, SOS, warning lights, police lights, Morse code etc)
    5. Battery Calibration application is included to get exact battery status
    6. Automatic Call Recorder application is included to make voice dairy of your life.
    7. Screenshot application is included
    8. File manager (supports root options) is included
    9. Terminal emulator is included for shell scripts for advanced android users.

    --Download Link Version 1.0.0 --
    So anyone can install all these features in a single zip file Link: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B5nc7M5W7ZmLNFlSR1pGM3puNHM/edit?usp=sharing
    (Select File option in menu and click Download)

    1. Rooted ROM
    2. ClockworkMOD(CWM) recovery by Varun
    3. (optional) Full backup of current ROM by the recovery (can use in case of update failure)

    1. Download the zip from Download link
    2. Copy it to SD card root folder
    3. Reboot to CWM recovery
    4. Install zip from SD card
    5. Reboot

    I've tested this package in my phone and works well. But please do it in your own risk. "I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU TURN YOUR PHONE INTO A BRICK and other standard disclaimers for open source apply"

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  2. tmasabari

    tmasabari Active Member

  3. Nilay_genius

    Nilay_genius Well-Known Member

    Can u include lock screen as well in English plz.
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  4. garvsmarty

    garvsmarty New Member


    The package was good but Google play was not included which is a basic need please include it and post updated zips. Thanks

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