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Android Exchange Support & Features

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  1. Appnet

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    Nov 20, 2009
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    I am needint to switch from my BB to either WinMO or Droid. I have just setup a Exchange 2010 server and am trying to find out a few answers.

    I am needing to obviously sync with exchange and I want to make sure that the droid 2.0 will support email, contacts, tasks, and calendar sync w/exchange.

    Also, how many exchange accounts can you setup on the droid?

    lastly, has anyone used the droid with exchange 2010 or have any insight if it will work or not.

    one other question, when it works with exchange is it live like push or do you have to tell it when to sync.

    calendars...how many exchange calendars can you have on the droid?



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