Android File Manager crashes on midi files

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  1. david188288

    david188288 New Member

    Hi all,

    for some reason, the file manager works fine, until I scroll down and reach a midi file in the listing. It then crashes and closes down immediately.
    The files are not corrupted, since I can access them externally (via my PC). It's as if showing those midi files on the screen is impossible. Any midi file will make it crash.

    I have a ASUS Transformer Tablet with Android version 4.0.3


  2. timpootle

    timpootle New Member

    Same here. I move the .mid file out of Downloads using the terminal emulator, and run them from music programs happily, but File Manager crashes as you have described, as soon as you scroll down to show the file name on screen.

    TF101 , rooted but stock 4.0.3 build

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