Android fire sale! Everything must go.

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  1. frankbonatelli

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    Android Garage sale
    • SOLDASUS transformer 16gig all cables, rooted, case, 8gig card- 300.00 plus shipping
    • HTC Desire HD rooted, sim free, all cables, 8gig card - 250.00 plus shipping
    • NOOK rooted, all cables, MIUI android 2.3.5v 8gig card- 175.00 plus shipping
    • Droid PRO rooted, sim free, android 2.3.3v 8gig card- 175.00 plus shipping
    All items have been well loved and enjoyed. Photos can be found in the link
    What you see in the photos HERE is what the sale will include.

    Got any questions feel free to fire away.


  2. wolf1306

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