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  1. Jon Nale

    Jon Nale Well-Known Member

    Some motivation:
    More info + QR Barcode: Apps Android For Academics

    Main Screen:

    Settings Screen:

  2. Jonny_

    Jonny_ Member

    I thought android had a built in calculator..
  3. Jon Nale

    Jon Nale Well-Known Member

    Instead of pressing 2 buttons to subtract 3, you only have to press one button. Plus, you can see all of the last buttons you pressed in case you are disrupted when grading. The layout is simple. I wasn't trying to make some CRAZY application, I wanted to make something simple that teachers/professors could use.

    Furthermore, the full grade book version will allow you to sync with Google Spreadsheets, which will allow you to have your grade book right on your phone, and it will give you a detailed report. Plus, when you use the grade ticker, you will be able to submit grades right into the spreadsheet.

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