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  1. nammkit97

    nammkit97 New Member

    I am currently developing a first person shooter on the android market soon. It is currently in its alpha stage and I am looking for people to test and evaluate my game.

    All alpha testers will be credited when the game is released.
    Please contact me or reply to this post if interested.

    In-game footage - Alpha

  2. nammkit97

    nammkit97 New Member

    This will be the training room. This will be the tutorial level in the game. If you are interested in the alpha testing please pm me or post a reply.[​IMG]
  3. GetRooted

    GetRooted Active Member

    Hey I'll try it out cos I'm a big fps fan and I like my video games.
  4. Sam Voss

    Sam Voss Well-Known Member

    Hey I'll beta test, I'm an android developer so I really like betaing applications because as a developer I know the lack of (good) beta testers. Hit me up, I can give you a pretty good hand!
  5. harrison261

    harrison261 New Member

  6. nammkit97

    nammkit97 New Member

  7. jnut187

    jnut187 Active Member

    id love to test your fps apk
  8. nammkit97

    nammkit97 New Member

  9. PacMan13x

    PacMan13x Member

    Can a noob like me test the game? if so I would like to test it :3
  10. Mayhem

    Mayhem Well-Known Member Contributor

    Count me in!
  11. SouLz

    SouLz Active Member

    id give it a go :)
  12. dnb428

    dnb428 Member

    I would be willing to offer my services, if you are still in need of testers.
  13. merg

    merg Active Member

    I'm in.
  14. Mayhem

    Mayhem Well-Known Member Contributor

    I made a QR code for the URL. It'll give an error at first (Oops! Not found!) but then redirect to the correct location just like the URL above does.

    I'm downloading it now and will report my FPS in the thread.

  15. Mayhem

    Mayhem Well-Known Member Contributor

    Ok, when I first open the game I'm averaging 21fps. When I turn around and face the mountains I'm averaging 60fps.

    Is that good?
  16. SouLz

    SouLz Active Member

    Typo on installation:

    Game name: Res Alert Alpha

    Installing now and will report.
  17. SouLz

    SouLz Active Member

    App doesnt work for me..

    Game loads, i press play and the level loads. FPS is about 60 FPS but cannot move at all like the screen is froze?
  18. nat276

    nat276 New Member

    I'd like to test the alpha.
  19. luioo7

    luioo7 Member

    Woah, sign me up. This looks incredible.
  20. GetRooted

    GetRooted Active Member

    Frame rate varies depending on what's on screen. Anywhere from the mid 20's to between 50 and 60. Strafe and back pedaling is slow forward motion is good and there's no vertical pitch. I hope this helps.
  21. Bra1nfreeze

    Bra1nfreeze New Member

    Hi I PM you a week ago with no response. I was wondering if I could beta test. Thanks :)
  22. cklegacy

    cklegacy New Member

    Could I be a beta tester :) I'll be happy to to help
    And the game looks great

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