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Android G-Box (Rooted) - with 3G & Skype support


Poll closed Dec 8, 2012.
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  1. hotlink

    hotlink Member

    Finally, rooted my G-Box



    1, Download this pre-rooted firmware (Testing only) http://www.mediafire.com/?adya3ahnmgianho
    Original firmware (3G support) >>> G-Box_3G_12-2011.zip

    2, Unzip the "image.img" to you SDCard root.
    3, Turn on the G-Box first > Insert your SDCard > Let system auto detect new firmware
    4, Press OK and proceed as instructed on the screen.
    5, Done and rooted.

    Do it at your own risk.

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  2. mafani

    mafani Member

    anyone know if is possible to have a normal desktop with this device? i don't like the distribution, just want normal icons...
  3. zzeck

    zzeck New Member

    so, the RAM is only 256Mb !!!!:eek::eek:

    why in the box is write 512 ? It's a fake?:mad:
  4. hotlink

    hotlink Member

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    KGILLA New Member

  6. hotlink

    hotlink Member

    No changes. Once rooted, you can use some of the root apps which is quite useful.
  7. mafani

    mafani Member

    i wish to connect a BT dongle in usb port, the device don't care... same with an old usb webcam logitech.

    And my wifi gives me an error and can't connect... i don't know wat to do. anyone have the original firmware?
  8. orefie

    orefie Member

    if remove gboxlaunch.apk and paste an other laucher (launcher pro, etc) with RK29xxImageTools_v2.1 1
    the box is more speed
    if you don't delete gboxlaunch.apk ("il est toujours en tache de fond" always in the background)

    sorry for my english
  9. hotlink

    hotlink Member

    But G-Box default remote have some shortcut button for gboxlaunhcer only right?

    Example, When I press Video, the screen will go straight to video folder, which is quite useful.

    Anyone know how to customize/modify the remote control button for certain function?
  10. mafani

    mafani Member

    i supose the device work as a phone, and the buttons are connected to the ir reciver, then the way is any setting to change the button link to the app, but i dont know if is there one in android, i'm new on this
  11. jibrahim01

    jibrahim01 New Member

    i installed the rooted firmware but still couldn't gain full access to the system folder (read only).

    i tried to modify some folder through Root Explorer but i can't switch to read & write permission, it give read only!!

    anyone face the same!!
  12. Cybereu

    Cybereu Member

    Thank you so much, im enjoy it.
    Now im trying to install an Linux Distro on it, anyone knows how to dual boot Linux/Android ?
  13. bastik

    bastik New Member

    I install the rooted firmware and now the wifi don't run properly. Plase help!!

    And i can't install a bluetooth dongle for use a keyboard.

    Wifi and bluetooth is the 2 most important things in this device and don't work...
  14. hotlink

    hotlink Member

    Initially, my wifi speed very slow and not working as well. Once updated the new firmware, it's worked now.

    Try this pre-rooted new firmware,
    G-Box With 3G Support (Launcher replaced with Go Launcher)
  15. bastik

    bastik New Member

    Thanks but didn't work. :(

    When i put a stock firmware the wifi runs ok, if i put a rooted firmware the wifi didn't work.

    This is a bit important for me, but the bluetooth is the most important. When i buy the box i think that a bluetooth dongle will work, but NO. The bt dongle don't work and is it imposible for me, i tried several apps with no succes.
  16. mafani

    mafani Member

    i have the same problem with the wifi, finaly i move the router neart the g-box and connect it with cable.

    where can i find a "stock firmware"?

    everyone downloaded from the links of this forum, didn't work for me.

    can you tell me which firmware are you using?
  17. orefie

    orefie Member

  18. hotlink

    hotlink Member

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  19. gusy

    gusy New Member

    Hi hotlink !,
    rooted firmware G box with 3G support full access to the system folder ??- or "read only" ?

    that removed of g box 3g firmware size 77 mb, stock 120 mb
    How much free rom ?
    Sorry for my english
  20. hotlink

    hotlink Member

    You mean free RAM? It will not increase free RAM. In fact, I still looking a way to free up more RAM.

    I'm not understand why G-Box takes up 80% of the RAM and left 20% (100mb) free RAM.
  21. gusy

    gusy New Member

    Thank you for ram understood.

    1. rooted firmware "G box with 3G support" full access to the system folder - or "read only" ?

    2. What removed of rooted "G-Box 3G support"?
    Rooted- 77 mb,
    stock 120 mb
    what was removed by 50mb ?
  22. hotlink

    hotlink Member

    Removed those games and apps like angry bird, msn, tv streaming app and etc.

    The rooted firmware only for testing only. You can always use the original/stock firmware.
  23. mafani

    mafani Member

    why with the 3g firmwares posted here i can't run live wallpapers?
  24. seblard

    seblard Member


    I did exactly what you write in your post, the update saw to be good and the box was auto-rebooted...

    But nothing more, a black screen and noway to do anything.

    Even if I switch on (blue led) a few seconds later the box switch off (red led) and nothing... :confused:

    What to do ? I there a way to correct this issue ?

    Thanks a lot for your help :eek:
  25. hotlink

    hotlink Member

    the firmware only compatible with g-box and shown in the picture. you may contact your seller on how to reload back to the original firmware.

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